Casualty ‘When The Whistle Blows’ ~ Episode Review

An episode that showed a commitment to the continuation of a few plots, which is one of the show’s strengths at the moment, but also gave a meaty storyline to a guest character – this episode is one of my favourites from the current series… here’s a few highlights:

Lisa Duffin (CATHY SHIPTON) – (C) BBC – Photographer: Alistair Heap

Duffy’s at the hub ~ With the much publicised one-shot episode featuring Duffy (Cath Shipton) at the hub, it was a pleasant change to be able to enjoy Duffy at the heart of the action in this episode. She knew copper, Jay (Tim Dantay) from way back when, and it was a fascinating if not tragic storyline as Duffy inadvertently covers for her old friend when he reacts badly to the death of his young colleague. If this was anything to go by, I think we’re going to be in for something special later in the year.

Cal’s revolt rolls on ~ Cal (Richard Winsor) made it abundantly clear to Sam (Tom Chambers) that he was not going to take news of the department cuts lying down. What began as a mutual respect between the pair when they first met, had become a toxic relationship very rapidly. Let’s face it, Sam is ruthless so whether he was a genuine supporter of the junior doctor was always in question. When Sam stops over-time/locum shifts Cal is outraged, even Dylan (Will Beck) doesn’t take the news well. However, with Cal hell-bent on going on strike and not everybody behind him in his action, I spy disaster.

Sam Strachan (TOM CHAMBERS), Caleb Knight (RICHARD WINSOR) – (C) BBC – Photographer: Alistair Heap

Jez’s hi-jinks ~ Jez (Lloyd Everitt) has made no secret of the fact that he likes men and women, however his recent dalliance with Louise (Azuka Oforka) had left the nurse in hope that he was devoted to her. Not the case, in fact he has only gone and bedded Elle’s son, Kalen (Percelle Ascott) (without realising who the mother of his latest fling was) – so romance with Louise is off the table…

Elle’s surprise ~ Elle (Jaye Griffiths) made a few quips about Jez throughout the shift, only to be rendered speechless when she discovered the truth. Her son is gay and Jez spent the night with him under her roof, and then swinging from the roof when he attempted to hide! Elle’s initial reaction is not a favourable one, however, she shows a reasonable and supportive side to her nature as the news settles in.

One-shot ~ News that the one-shot episode is in the can has come as a welcome and much anticipated treat for me, especially as Duffy is leading the episode and I know how capable Cath is of handling such a demand. I can’t wait to see it and look out for my interview with a relieved Cath, just after filming had finished.


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