Neighbours ‘Ramsay Street’ Round-Up ~ Week Commencing 17 April 2017

I’m a little late with last week’s round-up, but here is the latest about last week’s Ramsay Street shenanigans:

Ben’s Career ~ Ben’s been taking advice from Mr Kelly and the verdict seems to point towards him leaving school early to take up a mechanic apprenticeship which will have a job at the end of it. Sounds pretty perfect to me, Ben. Although I think your granddad is just a teensy bit upset that you’re not following in his footsteps. You’ve taken your life into your own hands by suggesting to your Grandmother that you leave HER school early too!

Sonia & Mark – Rumbled! ~ Toadie’s brother, Shane and their mother arrive in typical boisterous Rebecchi style and Toadie is soon questioning Sonia and Mark about the nature of their relationship again after his brother mistakes Steph for Toadie’s wife. The mistake could be forgiven as Shane spotted Mark and Sonia kissing. One thing seems clear to me as this storyline progresses, Sonia does not love Mark – regardless of his feelings for her.

Sonia’s AA Visit ~ Sonia has been hitting the bottle again, kudos to her though, she has started to attend her AA meetings again. Let’s see if their support helps her through this… it’s sad to see her going off the rails again.

Brooke’s Job Hunt ~ Brooke is determined to hand around for her honey bunch, it seems and it willing to undertake a job, too. Of course there’s more to it, but first she tries to coax Piper into giving her a job at the coffee shop, eve attempting and failing to fix the loo in order to prove her worth. However, she soon has her sights set closer to home as she makes a beeline for Terese and a vacancy as a masseuse. Are they going to work together? I predict trouble if they do!

Back wax! ~ The reason for the vacancy in the hotel spa is due to the resignation of the therapist who had been booked to wax Gary’s back following a massage which Terese intervened. Poor Gary wasn’t anticipating a back wax, however, Terese was quite sneaky in planning it all, even administering the first strip herself – painful! Needless to say the entire back was not waxed in the end!!

A link to the cast list is below:





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