Neighbours Ramsay Street Round-Up – Week Commencing 24 April 2017

Ramsay Street has never shied away from running several storylines simultaneously and this week has been no exception! Here are some highlights!

David’s dilemma ~ David came out to his brother recently – yay! So he’s now trying to get to grips with his newly found openness. This has involved David making his feelings for Aaron abundantly clear and ensuing confusion. Fascinating that David has been able to confide in Paul, though – it seems that their father and son relationship is developing.

Mark to the ‘rescue’ ~ What is it with Mark and pregnant women? Obviously he had a vested interest when Sonya was expecting, but now he’s all over Paige like a protective partner. I’m afraid I had a snigger when he was lying on yet another bed with a woman he’s not actually involved with. Oh Mark!

Ben’s choice ~ Karl is still struggling with Ben’s change of heart, it’s obvious that a part of Dr K still wishes that Ben was following him into medicine instead. Whereas Susan would rather that her grandson had stayed at school. They’re gearing up to catch him when he falls, but will he?

Elly and Finn ~ Elly and Finn have rapidly become close again and they ultimately wind up in bed together, However, Finn’s perusal of Elly might not be wholly romantically driven. It seems that the new Deputy position at school is where his interest lies and he’s soon going behind backs to get what he wants, including ‘telling’ on Susan! This will not end well! He’s also creeping around Xanthe…

Terese and Brooke ~ Terese finally caves in and offers Brooke a job at the Spa. She is then devastated to discover that Brooke invented ‘the ladybird’. So, what’s the solution to feeling threatened by your new partner’s ex? Set him up with Paul Robinson of course… interesting consequences!

A link to the cast is below:





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