Neighbours ‘Ramsay Street’ Round-Up ~ Week Commencing 1 May 2017

Ramsay Street has very definitely seen it all this week, tragedy at The Backpackers, Finn steps up his campaign and drags Xanthe along with him – here are some highlights…

Tragedy strikes! ~ While Piper and David are minding their own business in the Backpackers, Amy’s ute ploughs on through and causes devastation in its wake. Who was in the driver’s seat is unclear – but both victims are in a bad way in hospital and Piper is going to be in rehab for a long time. Bad times!

Finn ~ Finn is becoming a looser canon by the second, Elly appears to have worked him out but Xanthe is falling foul of his charms and following a dangerous path. Just what is his game and is he really ill?

Sonya’s downward spiral ~ Sonya is continuing on her downward spiral and Mark is trying so hard to step in and put an end to it – he still harbours very strong feelings which are not reciprocated. I doubt that her attendance at AA is quite enough given the recent events that have affected this change in the once steady Sonya.

Terese’s torment ~ Terese is mithering in case Gary is heading back to his ex and her plan to fix Brooke up with Paul has failed. It’s not the case, of course, unwitting Gary is merely a pawn in Brooke’s game to get her daughter, Jessie, back – but Terese’s paranoia spirals out of control when her man presents her with flowers and Sheila’s words of wisdom resonate in her mind.

Paige’s predicament ~ Whether it’s because her hormones are flying around even more wildly than usual, or because she truly hasn’t lost her feelings for Mark – but Paige is falling for the love-lorn copper. Methinks she’s barking up the wrong tree!

Neighbours Cast

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