Neighbours ‘Ramsay Street’ Round-Up – Week Commencing 8 May 2017

Ramsay Street has treated us to the on-going saga of The Backpackers, the continued plotting from Xanthe’s darling Mr Kelly and the on-going Brooke/Gary/Terese debacle also persists. Here are some highlights…

Finn’s dastardly plan ~ Finn’s plans are still in progress and he’s doing a fine job of backing both Susan and Elly into a corner. Planting exam papers and having his colleague snitch on Elly are just two of the ways in which he is pursuing his scheme. When will Mr Kelly be found out? When will Xanthe wake up to his true character? She’s already deemed Ben too immature for her… I foresee disaster!

The plot thickens ~ Brooke and Gary’s plot thickens this week as they continue with their secret plan to get Jessie back to be with her mum. When they’re spied in an interesting position by Susan and Elly, it’s clear that they’re not going to be able to keep this quiet for long. However, their plans are making headway, especially after a sneaky massage mix-up!

Necklace-gate ~ Paige has been wondering if Mark still has feelings for her and when a necklace presented itself on her table, her hopes were ignited further. Mark soon lowered the boom when he revealed that it was a rejected gift from Sonya, though. It looks as though the lid is firmly on Paige and Mark’s romantic relationship, now.

Piper panics ~ Piper is still undergoing operations following the disaster at The Backpackers. When Tyler fails to visit she’s paranoid that he’s ill equipped to deal with her situation – she’s wrong of course, but the foundations are laid out for a possible sub-plot. After all, Piper’s recovery is going to take time.

Paul’s fatherly offer ~ Paul is nothing if not trying! He’s trying to forge a relationship with Leo, and his latest move is to offer money to get The Backpackers up and running again. Leo dismisses the offer, but he might have to call upon daddy in the end. Never look a gift horse in the mouth, Leo! Even if it is Paul Robinson…

Neighbours Cast

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