*** Guest Blog by Chloe Buckles*** Neighbours ‘Ramsay Street’ Round-Up ~ Week Commencing 15 May 2017

Message from Helen: As you may or may not know – I’ve been on my holidays recently so I have been in desperate need of help to keep up with my favourite soap, Neighbours. Luckily, I have a rather gifted young writer in my circle who is a super-fan of the show and was happy to lend a hand to her mate! So without further ado, here’s Chloe Buckles and her guest blog…

It’s been a tough week on Ramsay Street, with broken hearts, mentions of divorce and horrible first-boyfriends to contend with.

Here are the highlights…

Sonya’s downward spiral continues ~  Things have gone from bad to worse for Sonya this week. After being unable to ignore Tim Collins’ sly digs at her she’s unable to resist the temptation of downing a bottle or two. Unfortunately, this time, it’s in front of her friends, fellow council members and a journalist for the local newspaper. Toadie is quick to confront her and airs his concerns over her ability to look after their daughter Nell. Later, when Sonya and Nell get hounded by the press after Sonya losing her job as mayor, Toadie suggest perhaps he should move back home to look after her and Nell and work to repair their marriage. And just when we all thought Sonya might give in she’s adamant she wants a divorce. With the prospect of fighting for her daughter, I’m interested to see how Sonya is going to cope in the coming weeks.

Terese dumps Gary ~ It’s hardly been the romance of the year, but Terese and Gary make a fun-loving and unique couple. However, with Gary recently having secretive meeting with ex-partner Brooke, Terese is on high alert. Confiding in Paul, she realises that the damage done by her ex-husband means that she just can’t handle Gary’s secretive behaviour and ends their relationship leaving poor Gary heartbroken and confused.

Pregnancy problems for Paige ~ With the news that her unborn baby is currently breech, Paige has a panic attack and confides in Jack that she could really use her mum (Lauren) around for support. In the absence of her mum Jack arranges for the collection of Ramsay Street residents (Sheila, Susan, Terese, Piper, Amy and Aaron) to pledge their support to Paige, calling themselves the ‘mum-tree’. With so much focus on Paige’s pregnancy problems lately, I can’t help shake the feeling that we’re in for a bumpy ride as her due date gets closer.

Finn ~ The longer he’s around for the more teacher Finn Kelly is giving everyone an uneasy feeling. Not only is he completely manipulating Xanthe and abusing his position of trust with her but he’s eyeing up Susan’s job as principal. Not content to simply keep his dossier of Susan’s poor performance, he was also researching MS and swiping Piper’s painkillers – he’s definitely up to no good and everyone is starting to smell a rat.

David’s out and proud ~ David’s recent revelation that he is gay to his family and friends has lead him straight into the arms of work colleague Will on his first date. It’s a shame that Will isn’t the good guy he appears though, and after over-hearing him on the phone showing absolutely no respect for David, Aaron has no trouble telling Will where to go. Do I detect a bit of jealousy in the air?

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  1. Reblogged this on IneptRamblings and commented:
    I was asked to write the Ramsay Street Round up for Break a Leg – a great honour! It’s the first time I’ve been asked to write anything (other than an essay!) and as you all know how much I love those Ramsay Street residents I was more than happy to oblige!

    You can find my review below.

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