Casualty ‘Roadman’ ~ Episode Review

Casualty provided us with a very focused and centred episode this week, Elle and Jacob were at the heart of it, joined by Alicia, Louise, Iain and a newly returned (and what a welcome return it was too!) Josh. Here are some highlights from what felt like an intimate episode yet was extremely wide-reaching in its messages.

Jacob Masters (CHARLES VENN), Elle Gardner (JAYE GRIFFITHS) – (C) BBC – Photographer: Adrian Rogers

Josh is back! ~ Josh was always a favourite of mine and his return for Charlie’s 30 year celebration was a highlight of that milestone episode, for me. He already seems to have a good relationship with Iain and they made a great combination. It was heart breaking when he mentioned the devastating explosion which lost him his family, while chatting to a patient. Josh has a lot of history behind him, let’s see if he sticks around long enough to make his mark again. There’s certainly a place for him.

Jacob’s jitters ~ Jacob is so ballsy sometimes that it’s quite a change to see him having doubts and showing the opposite side to his character. His obvious nerves when it came to talking about his career in front of a hall full of school children were quite indicative of the self-doubting character trait that we see little of. I like the relationship he has with Elle too, the history between the pair is palpable but strengthens their friendship.

Elle ~ Elle was at the heart of the action in this episode, mocking Jacob, holding her head high for sending her son to a school which hasn’t got the best reputation. However, having given her careers talk and handed over to Jacob, with smug satisfaction at the way her son had stuck up for her – things took a nasty turn. Gang warfare was prominent in the school and Elle’s lad came a cropper as a result. The impact of his injuries wasn’t straight forward, and the worry led Elle to the chapel where it was clear she hadn’t considered she’d be setting foot voluntarily.

Keep the faith ~ Louise had sown the seed for Elle’s dalliance with God, having admitted that her religion and faith had helped her in the past and was still a part of her life. An interesting side to her character that hadn’t particularly been explored before.

More of the same ~ I’d like to see more episodes with similar configurations, just a few cast members leading a couple of main plots – and doing it very well. This enabled us to see various dimensions to a handful of regular characters. More of this, please!

The cast list for the episode: Casualty Cast

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  1. Agree with all your thoughts!

    The Louise development is interesting, I wonder where it will lead! At least it’s peaked my interest in her, she’s usually under my radar (or upsetting me with things she’s saying without thinking!)

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