Casulalty ‘Swift Vengeance Waits’ – Episode Review

It was all about Ethan this week, with the Ellisons making yet another return to the ED (they’re like regular characters now, eh? I’m getting sick of the sight of them!) there was almost a confession from the perpetrator too… Here are a few highlights:

Scott Ellisson (WILL AUSTIN), Iain Dean (MICHAEL STEVENSON), Sam Strachan (TOM CHAMBERS), Alicia Munroe (CHELSEA HALFPENNY) – (C) BBC – Photographer: Alistair Heap

Be More Cal ~ The episode kicked off with heartbreaking scenes as Ethan empties Cal’s locker, Pungent aftershave aside, it’s a tear-jerking moment as he takes hold of his late brother’s stethoscope and removes Ethan removes his trademark specs. Then there’s the confrontation with Cal’s murderer of course – #bemorecal

Charlie ~ Poor Charlie, having witnessed Ethan packing up Cal’s belongings, he’s feeling like he should be providing more support and comfort than he already is. Despite Duffy’s best efforts, Charlie boy is being very hard on himself as the self-appointed Patriarch of the ED. I think this will be a crisis that Charlie can’t do much more about though.

Lily and Iain – Fleeting nod towards this two again, Iain is still concerned about Lily following the accident that his sister caused. The romantic potential still bubbles beneath the surface!

Alicia – Who else feels a bit sorry for Alicia and also thinks that Chelsea Halfpenny is doing a cracking job with a betwixt and between role at the moment? She’s being the ultimate supportive ‘girlfriend’ to Ethan in his time of desperate need, but it’s obvious how hopeless she feels too. Plus the affair she had with Ethan was still a hot topic when Cal met his maker. Still plenty of mileage in that story!

Awards – I feel it’s worth mentioning how brilliantly Casualty are doing with award nominations and wins this year. Close but no cigar at BAFTA, fingers crossed for TV Choice and I’m confident that won’t be the last we see of mentions for the amazing continuing drama. It’s time Cath Shipton won one for her role as Duffy, though!

Casualty Cast


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