Spotlight On… Star of The Quentin Dentin Show, Shauna Riley

The Quentin Dentin Show which will be playing at Tristan Bates Theatre from 20th June to 29th July.

With a brilliant original soundtrack, live rock band and dazzling choreography, The Quentin Dentin Show, is guaranteed to make you happy or kill you trying.

Book tickets here: Tristan Bates Theatre Box Office

Here’s an exclusive interview with Shauna Riley from the show…

Tell me about The Quentin Dentin Show and your character

The Quentin Dentin Show is a new rock musical with an exciting science fiction vibe. It’s about a couple in their mid-twenties who are stuck in an unsuccessful and unproductive rut who find themselves in the hands of an all singing all dancing therapist who is determined to change their lives -with or without their permission!

I play Nat, a slightly neurotic lady who’s working a dead-end job at a pharmaceuticals company who just really yearns for a change of pace and maybe a change of life altogether!

What was your initial impression of the script?

I got on board the Quentin Dentin train way back in 2015 when it went to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and my first thought was, woah, this is weird, but in the best way possible! I had never really read anything like it – it was like a fusion of a science fiction film, a naturalistic play and a full scale musical!

Was it easy to translate from page to stage?

The show essentially begs you to release it onto the stage – the pages can’t hold it and there is simply too much energy. It’s tough in the sense of the fact that the pace is relentless and it wants you to be slick and concise, but once you hold onto the reins of it so to speak, then it’s a wild ride for both the actor and the audience!

Did you have any ideas about what you wanted to bring to the role?

Nat is one of two more naturalistic characters in the show that kinda act like a touch stone for the audience amongst the madness so I wanted her to be relatable so that people could really connect to the idea of all this madness happening to someone so very, well normal!

How does the Tristan Bates Theatre lend itself to the piece?

This show has a desire to make the audience feel as involved as possible so the Tristan Bates is perfect as it lends itself to the intimacy and at times kookily claustrophobic feel to this piece.

What would you say to encourage people to buy a ticket?

Come see The Quentin Dentin Show because you have never seen a musical like this before, you’ll be mulling it over in your mind and humming its crazily catchy tunes long after the closing number and also, there’s a live rock band on stage!

Huge thanks for an awesome interview and wishing cast and crew all the best with the run.


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