Casualty ‘Do Not Sit At My Grave And Weep’ ~ Episode Review

This week’s episode has been anticipated since the fateful moment that a much-loved character was murdered – Cal (Richard Winsor) is finally laid to rest in ultimately touching scenes. Here are a few highlights:

Picture Shows: Ethan Hardy (GEORGE RAINSFORD) – (C) BBC – Photographer: Alistair Heap

Dylan under pressure ~ Dylan is still finding it tough to come to terms with Cal’s death – although he was on fire tonight with his quips and one-liners. His ‘run-in’ with Ethan was very telling though, simultaneously it was understandable that he wanted to save Ethan from the knowledge that his brother had been aware of the severity of his situation.

David ~ David has been off the radar since Robyn’s baby arrived in dramatic and traumatic scenes. However, tonight we saw him on shift and being rather tactless. When his conversation with Dylan indicated that he is still struggling with the drugs he’s taking… I felt there will be more to come from this plot, which is quite a factually accurate way of moving forward considering his condition.

Ethan says goodbye ~ Having dealt very well with a young patient who was unwittingly being treated for HIV, Ethan packs up the bag filled with his farewell ‘gifts’ for Cal and arrives at the church for the funeral. Before he can go in and see it through, he vomits following his binge on a bottle of Whiskey – nice one Ethan! His tribute and idea of packing a bag to see his brother on his way was extremely touching and fitting. Re-visiting his young patient afterwards and mentioning his own Huntington’s Disease diagnosis was a brave move. However, spotting Cal’s murderer lurking at the cemetery was not how I had envisaged the episode would end. Is Ethan going to bring him to justice?

Charlie to the rescue ~ When Ethan can no longer hold the floor and as expected, breaks down during his tribute to Cal, it’s up to Charlie to step in and pick up from where he leaves off. You can always bank on good old Charlie and he’s been chomping at the bit to do something useful in a hopeless situation.

Lily & Iain… finally! ~ I’m not going to pass much comment, except to say that this pair finally got it together. In the back of a hearse! I won’t forget that for some time to come!!

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