Ackley Bridge – Series One Episode Three

Ackley Bridge, well well well! What an amazing episode which covered so much and crosses boundaries that other dramas haven’t dared to cross. I love this series and can’t speak more highly of it! Let’s look at the highlights, even though the entire episode was one big highlight…

Nas ~ what a terrific character, her ethnic background and the fact that she’s homosexual make her a complex girl if ever there was one. A brave move, as I’ve said before – but this episode sees her explore her sexuality further as she pushes the teacher she is in love with to the brink and their past history emerges too. More to come from this given the finale of the episode.

Mandy & Sadiq ~ So Mandy and Sadiq have been up to naughties and they’re both having the same idea, there will be no repeat. Although is this really the end of it? I fear not, sexual tension ahoy! However, Sadiq’s son is on to them…

Your Disco Needs You! ~ Brilliant scenes with Missy and Nas hitting the night club and boogeying to the Kylie hit Your Disco Needs You! Missy was in her element and Nas had a better time outside! An inspired plot which the girls played out fantastically.

Karaoke ~ I have to mention the character of Lorraine on karaoke singing Baggy Trousers. It was hilarious and too funny – well done to Lorraine Cheshire, you make the most of your role and Lorraine is a great character thanks to you.

Second Series Please!! ~ I’m already anticipating a second series, please Channel Four? Can we have some more? A show like this could run and run, like Waterloo Road.

Ackley Bridge Cast & Information

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