Casualty ‘It Had To Be You’ ~ Episode Review

An episode filled with romantic and frustrating undertones from among the regulars and the guest roles! Here are some highlight from a dramatic and emotive instalment:

Darren Tailor (SAM BARNARD) – (C) BBC – Photographer: Alistair Heap

Interviews ~ It’s interview day for the Consultant’s post and Elle is swatting, Dylan doesn’t feel it necessary to go into details (when does he ever?!) and Lily’s presence in the hot seat is a surprise to Connie. However, the results could be more interesting than first thought!

Love hurts ~ Lily and Iain finally got it on in spectacular fashion last week, but their relationship seems doomed from the start as the cracks begin to show just hours after they were in bed together. Can opposites really attract?

Ethan ~ The bereaved brother is still moping and in limbo, I’m wondering how long it will be before the killer who the audience all know, is brought to justice. I’m expecting a showdown, I hope its soon!

Connie vs Sam ~ Connie is soon strutting about and throwing her weight around again, interrupting Lily’s interview and making her disapproval known to Sam. It looks as though her ex is still into playing games when she walks in on him naked from the waist up. Would they ever rekindle their long lost romance and what will she say when she discovers that Sam has handed in his resignation as Medical Director?

Duffy ~ I want to give Duffy a mention in this ‘highlight’ as I really felt that every side of her character was captured in this episode. We saw her admit that she had married her best friend (awww!), show compassion in abundance and she was as efficient as ever. What ever did Holby City do without her?

Casualty Episode Cast List

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