Ackley Bridge, Series One Episode Four ~ Episode Review

Ackley Bridge ~ what can I say? It packed a punch this week and no mistake. Oh, and it’s getting a second series which is set to be longer! I’m so excited – here are my highlights from this week:

Death ~ I was not prepared for the death of Missy and Hayley’s Nana, it was so wholly unexpected that I still feel sad about it now! Not least because I will miss Rita May who played her! The aftermath was played out exceptionally well and the scene with the girls’ mother Simone was a masterclass de force. Watching Missy trying to handle the funeral without a penny to her name or help from her useless mother was heart-breaking. thanks heavens for Emma, stepping in – she seems fonder of the Booth girls than of her own daughter though, don’t you think?

Social Services ~ The situation that Missy and Hayley find themselves in means that it’s Mandy’s duty to contact social services and the sisters are separated. Missy takes it on the chin, as much as you might expect. However, again, I find myself wondering if Emma will play a part in this and possibly be able to help out, this reuniting the girls? Her extra ‘gift’ of paying the extra money to get Nana’s ashes to Missy was quite something.

Love ~ Nas is still pining after Lila as their will they/won’t they relationship continues and it’s not long before Lila has come out to her colleague and Mandy is calling her in to discuss the implications. Is the relationship doomed to fail? It seems so, especially after Lila asks Nas not to text her again.

Adultery ~ Quite surprisingly, Mandy comes clean to Steve about her one night stand with Sadiq, just as they’re about to travel home after Mandy’s traumatic meeting with social services. It doesn’t look good…

Lorraine ~ I have to mention Lorrain Cheshire as Lorraine Bird, the receptionist – again! She literally has a small amount of screen time and yet she optimises it brilliantly. Who else wants to find out more about Lorraine? Show of hands, please!

Ackley Bridge Cast & Information


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