Casualty ‘War of the Roses’ ~ Episode Review

So Sam is back in scrubs and throwing his weight around in a junior role! An interesting episode of Casualty which sees the team divided over Sam’s self-appointed demotion. Plus there’s Connie’s reaction to it all, here are some highlights:

Picture Shows: Helen Crompton (JODIE MCGREGOR), Iain Dean (MICHAEL STEVENSON) – (C) BBC – Photographer: Alistair Heap

Love’s young dream ~ Iain and Lily are still not seeing eye to eye – understatement of the episode! Is this really going to be as short lived as it seems? I’m waiting for Gem to come back so that she can make them see that they’re made for each other – but I fear I’m wandering off into territory that is most definitely wishful thinking. The sniping, the sexual tension, it’s all still there, brooding away!

Self-demotion ~ Sam’s decision to step down as Medical Director and take the Registrar’s post has been viewed as controversial to say the least! He’s soon put to the test when he offers to take Elle’s place and attend a scene where there’s a potential life-changing injury hanging in the balance for a man who later turns out to be a bigamist. Naturally he’s the hero of the hour, but he also runs the risk of losing his job if Connie sees fit to send a letter regarding his conduct.

Divided Opinion ~ Sam’s self-demotion has set tongues wagging amongst the department and also divided opinion too. Jacob and Louise think he’s showy and digging his own grave, Duffy thinks he’s wonderful and can’t praise him highly enough! How will he fit in, in the long-term?

Dylan ~ Losing his colleague, Cal, has taken its toll on Dylan and the pressure has been mounting for weeks. It finally breaks free in this episode and a panic attack sets in while he is dealing with a patient. He is unable to reach a decision about her condition and absconds to the toilets when the going gets tough, leaving David to handle a dicey situation and Elle to step in quickly. Was that the overall culmination of Dylan’s demons or is there more to come?

Teamwork ~ I couldn’t not comment on the teamwork demonstrated by Connie and Duffy, what a team! They delivered a baby in not so easy circumstances and it’s one of the few times that we’ve seen the characters interact fully. I liked it!

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