The Tiger Who Came To Tea ~ Malvern Theatres

The Tiger Who Came To Tea is currently on UK tour, all dates and booking links can be found here: The Tiger Who Came To Tea UK Tour

Star rating: *****

The Tiger Who Came To Tea is a renowned children’s story by Judith Kerr, this musical play version has been adapted and directed by David Wood. I was fascinated to see how this would translate onto the stage and I had an excited three year old in tow who couldn’t wait to see the tiger.

The cast engage the audience from the beginning and the action was visual too which set the scene and told the story without words. All three performers; Abbey Norman who played Sophie, Ashley Tucker who played Mummy and Harry Howle who had the unenviable task of playing the roles of Daddy, Milkman, Postman AND the Tiger should all be commended on maintaining a style which children related to immediately. Clear, concise diction (although not so much from the Tiger… he was too busy eating and drinking everything in the house!) and smiling faces, full of character – the cast also perform well as a tight unit which is necessary for a production of this description. Plenty of laughs and slapstick humour in there too.

The set lent itself to every quirk of the story, allowing for food and drink to disappear when the large wild feline guest with striped markings appeared, to join Mummy and Sophie. The props were all large and obvious enough for young watchers to see and recognise them from anywhere in the auditorium. The lighting also provided a simple yet effective backdrop and one light of a star curtain prompted my son to declare that it was night time now.

It’s such an elaborate tale and here it is portrayed in equally elaborate fashion, from the tiger’s costume to the detailed set.

If you’re thinking of taking young children to see it, I have no hesitation in recommending it for 2 years + as there were several children younger than my child in the audience who were captivated and caused little disruption. A wonderful afternoon at the theatre shared with my little boy and our friends.



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