Spotlight On… Andrada Maria Brisc from Leapfrogtown

Andrada Maria Brisc plays keyboards in the band, Leapfrogtown – Break A Leg have been following the band closely as they develop new tracks and prepare for future gigs and festivals. Here, Andrada talks to Break A Leg about a typical rehearsal and her advice for budding musicians. 
Thanks for talking to Break A Leg.  Tell me why you joined  Leapfrogtown, what is/are your favourite track/s and what brings this/those to the forefront of your mind?
I have many favourite tracks, that’s why I joined the band! If I had to pick a favourite, Chris will hate me but it has to be ‘Better Than This’. The new tracks are quite exciting so they are on the list. I’d never joined a band before and in this I’m not just playing the piano, I’m playing effects and adding atmosphere to the instruments, it’s very new but I love the music. It was Chris’s idea for me to join the band and I love their vibe.
Describe a typical rehearsal to me…
Rehearsals are crazy, it starts with coffee and then we try either going through the old set or working on the new songs. It depends on the day and it’s very spontaneous!
Who are your musical influences?
I’m classically trained, although I listen to modern music, I’d never joined a band before. All my influences are classical composers like Beethoven. Basically I’m in a new field now discovering a new world and new influences.
When you connect with a piece of music, how does that make you feel?
I’m in a completely different world and I follow the emotions of the song. It depends on the song but I usually get carried away.  
What is your advice for any budding musicians?
With my experience of going from classical music to Leapfrogtown I would say have no barrier, follow the music and go where it leads you. You’ll get there, follow the feelings and the music.
Finally, sell the band to me, why should everybody listen to Leapfrogtown’s sound?
Leapfrogtown is very different from the other bands, not just because of the music which is very uplifting and positive but because of the vibe each musician from the bands gives. Leapfrogtown is special because of what each musician brings to the band and the music.
Thanks so much to Andrada for her time, here is a clip of Leapfrogtown’s in-house gig from March this year…

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