The Sooty Show ~ Stafford Gatehouse Theatre

The Sooty Show is on UK tour and you can book your tickets to see the TV legend, here: The Sooty Show Live

Star rating: *****

Sooty is a television legend, so to be able to see him with his pals – Sweep and Soo on stage was a treat for not only me, my husband and the other adults in the audience who have also grown up with the little yellow bear during his 70 year career. To be able to share the show with our three year old was even better and goes to prove that the popular trio are still able to engage with audiences, new and old!

Richard Cadell is their right-hand man and he is a terrific comedian, he’s as talented at physical comedy as he is at keeping the old cheesy jokes flowing. A natural addition to the set-up and adding the comic timing required to make the show what it is.

With a fabulous ‘showbiz’ set and audience participation aplenty, the magic, humour and energy was boundless. I find it baffling that Sooty, who doesn’t ‘speak’ still draws the attention of the young theatre-goers as well as the adults. It goes to show that basic family entertainment with a simple yet effective storyline still has its place.

There are many dates on the tour schedule, so get ourselves along to see a real star on stage! Izzy Wizzy Let’s Get Busy!




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