W1A ~ Series Three, Episode One

It’s back and I couldn’t be more excited! In the words of Anna Rampton (the amazing Sarah Parish) Yes, exactly yes. I feel like I’ve waited a lifetime for series three of what I perceive to be one of the most on point comedies that the BBC has to offer. Here are highlights of what will now be my favourite thirty minutes every Monday night… joyous! And might I add, very good, very strong….!

1. Bike envy ~ Opening on the usual folding bikers is the traditional start that I anticipate just for the sheer hilarity of the exchange between Simon (Jason Watkins) and Ian (Hugh Bonneville). Simon has usually got a better bike than Ian and communicates his superiority with a simple raise of the eyebrows or twinkle in his eye. This time, Will (Hugh Skinner) has joined his bosses and also has a bike, after visibly showing his adoration for Ian’s bike in previous episodes.

2. Guildencrantz & Rosenstern ~ This pair are always a highlight around the table in the meetings where nothing is really achieved! In fact, this time around they are both becoming increasingly like their leader and idol, Simon. The random “hurrahs” were too funny! Kudos to Ivan Gonzalez and Max Olesker who play the dopey pair, there are many many employees out there who are just like these two.

3. On Yer Bike ~ Will has had a brainwave that the object of affections, Izzy (Ophelia Lovibond) has driven forward. In the usual haphazard and sly fashion, the idea has been pinched – by David Wilkes (Rufus Jones), pitched to Matt (Daniel Ings) and changed beyond all recognition. Even Jack (Jonathan Bailey) has had a hand in it. Poor Will looks crestfallen when Jack rocks up to the meeting, he sees him as a love rival for Izzy so his presence completely bursts Will’s bubble. The scary thing about the meeting, here is that I have personally been in meetings like this in past jobs!

4. Love Triangle ~ Series two ended on a love triangle between Ian, Anna and Lucy (Nina Sosanya) and it’s continued into series three. When Lucy is selected to go to the studios in Manchester and Ian is bidden to go with her, Anna soon volunteers for the excursion, too! I’m so looking forward to watching this ‘rivalry’ play out. Ian, is of course as confused as ever.

5. Fun ~ Siobhan (Jessica Hynes) is back and she’s joint CEO of a company called Fun. She’s still chucking around the word “sure” when she’s not really listening and doesn’t really fit in to the equation, not even in a company who throw a silent disco every time there’s a good idea. She’s causing endless confusion when pitching to the BBC team, as usual – especially when trying to convince them about BBC Me, which is not an innovation from her own team members. I think she hits a new high… or low when she calls Bipolar a ‘thing’. What would W1A be without her, though?

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