Spotlight On… Stand-Up Comedy Star, Sallyann Fellowes

Sallyann Fellowes is playing her debut stand up comedy show ‘Out Of The Blue’, for one night only – at TriBeCa Bar in Manchester as part of Women In Comedy Festival.

Tuesday 24th October 2017 is the date, 7pm is the time and you get one full hour of the show which Sallyann took to Edinburgh Festival last month.

The full press release is here: Out Of The Blue Press Release

You can click the poster to book your tickets! Book them now to avoid disappointment!

Out Of The Blue Poster Manchester

Sallyann gave an exclusive interview to Break A Leg, here she tells us about her ideas for material and her experience of Edinburgh Festival…

Why stand-up comedy after prolific public sector roles?

I always wanted to be on the stage even at primary school. It just wasn’t a possibility financially though I did get accepted my mum and dad wanted me to be a teacher, I’m dyslexic so not such a great career choice! I became a nurse and loved the job. One day I saw an ad in the paper with someone pointing a gun at a target. It said ‘Could you do this?’ I thought ‘Yes I bloomin could!’ so that’s how I became a copper. I love adrenalin and the rush of driving fast chasing bad people- The adrenalin and excitement of seeing a mic on an empty stage its v addictive. I think I need help.

What are the challenges?

I guess with starting out no-ones knows who you are, getting my name out there isn’t easy. I’m very lucky to have met Helen who is amazing at PR!

What keeps you going?

Purely the absolute love of what I do and a strong sense of self belief ( read massive ego) seriously its a joy I love to chat. My Gran used to say I’d been vaccinated with a gramaphone needle!

How long does it take to write new material?

I have a notebook with me all the time but it varies I find most things funny and funny things do tend to happen to me and or around me! I have a lot of material stored up from my family and previous jobs.

Do you get writer’s block? What helps if you do?

I haven’t in the sense of comedy. I write for children and other scripts so yes sometimes I get it there. I go out into nature and just walking and not trying to hard just seems to work. I also drink way too much coffee!

Who are your comedy heroes?

Ooh so many! Aisling Bea, Sarah Pascoe, Katherine Ryan, Cally Beaton, Viv Groskop, Sean Lock, Tom Allen and so many more!

How was your experience at Edinburgh Festival?

It was just the most fun! I wish I’d booked earlier and got a longer run- next year I definitely will!

Would you go back and do a gig at the Festival again?

Definitely yes! especially now I know more about the planning and admin side needed

What would you say to encourage people to see Out Of The Blue?

I would say if you enjoy stand up comedy and would like to give a new comedian a try please come along and see my show. I talk about all sorts of subjects and there’s lots about my previous careers too. I had really good feedback from the Edinburgh show from the audience.

Thanks so much to Sallyann for her time, I can’t wait to see the show and it’s a joy to work on in my PR capacity too! 


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