Spotlight On… Star of The Addams Family Musical, Charlotte Page

The Addams Family musical has been on a UK tour which is wowing the nation and it’s still worming its way in and out of various theatres nationwide. You can check out all of the news and book tickets here: The Addams Family Tour

Charlotte Page is having a lot of fun playing the role of Alice Beineke and she very kindly took some time out to share all that the show has to offer, with Break A Leg.

Thank you so much for talking to Break A Leg, Charlotte – how are you enjoying the tour so far? 

This might sound predictable but I’m loving it! I’m with such a happy group of people and it’s a feel-good show, it’s a bit like heaven really.

Were you already familiar with the films? 

I watched the films and I’m also familiar with the old black and white TV series too.

How about this musical version, had you seen that done before?

No, I’d just seen little moments on YouTube as I thought I’d check it out to see what I was required to do. It looked like so much fun and the character has so many opportunities to change emotion. I’d not seen it as a live performance before though, not even an amateur version. I was pretty much unaware that the musical version even existed until the audition came along.

Now that the tour has been running for a while, have you found that you have a favourite moment in the show or a favourite song? 

My song ‘Waiting’ is of course a favourite, it’s such a tour de force of a number and it goes through so many different emotions. I also love what Carrie Hope Fletcher (who plays Wednesday) does with  the song ‘Pulled’ – she’s amazing. I also adore Cameron Blakely’s (Gomez) madness in general and Sam Womack (Morticia) is all velvet sexiness to watch. She floats through the evening.

What have the audience reactions been like so far? 

To be honest we’ve had the best audience reaction that I’ve ever known in comparison to the other shows that I’ve been in, other than Phantom in the West End. We’ve had standing ovations and if not standing ovations, certainly screaming, a massive reaction every night, it’s really fulfilling. It feels like you’re in something really special. I’m very lucky.

Have you had a favourite location or venue so far?

Gosh that’s really hard, I’m loving being in Bristol because it’s a beautiful city but in Dublin we had a completely different reaction to at any other venue. They were a more vocal crowd and you’d heard individuals shouting “ah go on give her a kiss!” – there was certainly ore audience participation. Every venue is different of course.

What led you into a performing career? 

I was pretty useless at everything else and I got into musical theatre after having been an Opera singer for a number of years. I was Christine in Phantom and went into musical theatre after that. From then on I’ve fallen more and more into the arms of musical theatre, I’ve been in A Little Light Music and Follies. This is my first big musical tour so it’s a learning curve for an old bird like me, it’s wonderful!

Finally, what would you say to encourage people to come and see the show?

It’ll make you happy and smile, everybody in your family can enjoy an evening at the theatre together. It’s really heart-warming, really silly. It plays to the level of a child and the level of an adult with a slightly naughty mind, it’s a very clever piece of musical theatre and a complete joy.

Thank you so much to Charlotte for an awesome interview, I am so looking forward to seeing the show. I’ll do the little dudududuh *click click* to finish on! 







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