Out Of The Blue ~ Women In Comedy Festival, Manchester

Star rating: ****

Stand Up Comedy is as subjective a performance as Music, Plays, Musicals, you name it, everybody will have an opinion on it and what suits one person’s taste might not necessarily suit the next person’s. It’s a brave individual who takes up a career in Stand Up Comedy, however Sallyann Fellowes has just done that having left careers in both the Police and as a Nurse behind her.

Her one hour long show ‘Out Of The Blue’ made a shorter debut at the Edinburgh Festival this year and was incredibly well received at Women In Comedy Festival in Manchester this week.

It’s clear from the outset that Fellowes has a dry, quick wit and she’s not afraid to pick on members of the audience either. She brings visual elements to her piece and the occasional prop breaks up what could be one hour of talking to the audience about her weird and wonderful experiences as a Nurse, a Copper and indeed her dalliance with internet dating. However, props or no props, I could have listened to more from this talented new Comedian and I feel she has a lot to offer the Stand Up Comedy ‘world’.

I have also worked in the NHS so I could identify with a few of the gags, however you don’t need to have worked in the NHS or indeed the MoD to find the humour in her stories. From the list of in-joke abbreviations in the Casualty Department, to the presentation of a library card instead of Police I.D. – if you listen to the content of the tales, you’ll be able to find an alternative situation in your own life where such silliness, mayhem and chaos has ensued.

Sallyann converses with the audience articulately and is able to get them ‘on side’ from the start. Her material contains stories which she builds upon superbly and I was belly laughing on more than one occasion. She’s one to watch, that’s for sure – a new talent who’s sure to fly out into the blue.

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