Spotlight On… Star of Robin Hood And The Babes In The Wood – Sandy Grigelis

Sandy Grigelis plays Robin Hood in Stafford Gatehouse Theatre’s pantomime, Robin Hood And The Babes In The Wood – here, he tells Break A Leg all about it… oh yes he does!

Thanks for talking to Break A Leg, tell us about your character.

I play Robin Hood, he’s the leader of the Merry Men, he’s very confident and finds it easy to outwit the Sheriff and his friends. His weakness is Marian, his weakness is also being too confident. That’s what might throw him off in this production and he needs to find the difference and the fine medium between his love for Marian and his confidence.

Why do you think audiences love the Rock ‘n’ Roll Pantomime format so much? 

Because they’re awesome! There’s nothing else like them, I think it’s incredible that all the musicians are on stage. You get an amazing, well written story – but then there’s so much going on you don’t know where to look. We’re lucky to have a cast of so many talented people.

What’s your favourite thing about pantomime season? 

I just love the festive season anyway, it’s something which doesn’t take itself too seriously – you know what you’re going to get with a pantomime. There’s a romance story, audience participation , rock music too which is my favourite thing, popular tunes from various decades.

Why do you think that pantomime is still an important part of Great British culture?

It’s such a British thing, as Brits we’re very traditional and proud of it so pantomime’s never going to stop, you won’t find it anywhere else in the world.

Who are your pantomime idols?

I always went to see the pantomime in Bradford and there’s a comedian called Billy Pearce who does their pantomime every year. My girlfriend is doing the pantomime there with him this year which is really exciting.

Finally, sell the show – why should everybody buy a ticket to see Robin Hood And The Babes In The Wood? 

It’s the best Rock ‘n’ Roll pantomime that’s out there in my opinion, there’s so much to it. There’s amazing comedy, amazing actors and actresses, the best songs. Come and see it!


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