Happy New Year!

2018 – a new year to embrace new shows and experiences in the theatrical bubble I often find myself mooching around in. As I’ve said in my previous more personal blog posts, I rarely take to my own blog to have a chat – but it’s a new year and I felt an update was long overdue. So, put the heating on (it’s freezing out there innit?!), put your pjs on (I certainly have!) and I’ll let you in on all things Break A Leg for the mighty 2018.

Regional Theatre ~ Break A Leg started life as a Midlands based blog where I could share my reviews of local shows and promote local theatres. I’ve been so fortunate to be able to venture further afield to review and I LOVE it. Pantomime season saw me welcomed to more regional theatres and I’d like to grow that this year. It means you won’t see as much of me in London, because I’m handing reviews for most shows in the big smoke over to a couple of guest reviewers who I’m delighted to have on board. In the meantime, I’ll be based in and around the midlands more often and visiting other regions and cities to find out what they have to offer.

Guest Reviewers ~ I’d like to welcome Francesca Mepham and G Wood to the team as my London based Guest Reviewers. They are a god-send and will enable Break A Leg to keep an eye on what’s going on in London when I can’t be there personally. Both are talented writers and what they don’t know about the arts ain’t worth knowing.

Blood Brothers ~ It’s no secret that Blood Brothers is one of my all-time favourite shows and this year I’m aiming to see the show as many times as I can in as many different theatres as I can. It’s a challenge and one I’m looking forward to having a crack at! I know there’s a couple out there who have seen the show zillions of times – I doubt I’ll ever catch them up but I’ll happily follow in their footsteps!

More Pantomimes ~ My pantomime/festive season for 2017/2018 consisted of 8 x pantomimes at a variety of different theatres and 101 Dalmatians at Birmingham Repertory Theatre. Next season I’m aiming for double figures – oh yes I am! I might also try and see my favourite shows more than once…

TV & Movie Scene ~ If you haven’t visited my sister blog yet hop on over and take a butchers at it. I felt it was time to move my television and movie reviews over to a separate website and I’m in the midst of working on it to increase content. Loads coming up this year including National Television Awards towards the end of this month. Exciting times! TV & Movie Scene

Break A Leg Awards ~ It’s back and this year we’re separating the Television and Theatre awards. Break A Leg Awards will be awarded to all Theatre nominees and Television & Movie Scene Awards for the Television nominees. There’s a chance we’ll include movie-related nominees – watch this space!

What’s next? ~ In 2017 you may have been aware that I left my job at the NHS and took to more creative work on a permanent basis. I learned loads, ended up in all sorts of different areas of the arts which was fascinating and overwhelming all at once. Saying no to an opportunity to be involved in something that I have a passion for is not in my nature – but, as we’ve established with my guest reviewer section, there’s only one of me and a work/life balance is what everybody strives for.

There are so many projects I’d like to get involved in and opportunities cropping up for this year which are all really exciting. Some of the options I have to consider will actually enhance the blogs and networking further. It’s time to take a deep breath and dive in to see where it will all take me. I might not always be my own boss on a full time basis – but I don’t know if I like me as a boss, haha! I’m too bossy…. (pauses for groans from the audience)…

I’d like to say a huge thanks to everyone who drops in to read my reviews and interviews and to anyone who’s paid this article some attention. It does mean a lot, which is easily said, but definitely meant – more than you all know.

I’ll close with a collage of my little boy loving Pantomime life, because if I ever needed a reminder as to why I keep up with this crazy blogging career, these images give me a reason!




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