Weekend Watch ~ 17th – 18th Feb

My telly viewing at the weekend is inevitably varied, with so much to choose from I’m often recording as many television channel as I can cram onto the Sky box which I make an effort to catch up on in the week. However, last weekend I was on it like a car bonnet and managed to plonk myself in front of all of these beauties:

All Together Now!

I thought this week’s instalment was quite an emotional one – the quality of the vocal ability on the top two acts was incredible and absolutely stunning. For a bit of fun, a sing-along and some exceptionally talented individuals – this show offers the lot. I’d like a series two please!

The Voice UK

So it’s battle round next week and I’m ready for ’em – the team building rounds feel like they’ve dragged. However, it was a joy to see Olly Murs complete his team with such a class act, has he got the winner? We’ll see… I’m excited!


What’s inspiring me about BBC One’s Casualty is the current NHS crisis which it’s dealing with superbly well. No shying away from issues which are affecting so many as staff shortages lead to chaos. Alicia (Chelsea Halfpenny) is leading the revolution from the inside – it’s probably heading in the direction of trouble! It’ll be intriguing to watch it play out, however a huge pat on the back to the writers and cast for this eye-opener.

Dancing on Ice

A double elimination and the announcement of announcements – Torvill and Dean are going to perform together again for Dancing on Ice viewers’ delectation, I can’t wait and squealed with delight! Guess who’ll have their nose glued to the box that night? The double elimination saw Antony Cotton and Donna Air leave the competition, the right two to go in my opinion. I’m not sure if Antony would have regained the momentum he had started to pick up and Donna’s performances had felt rather stagnant. I’d be happy to see any of the remaining contestants lift the trophy.

Hold the Sunset

I might be the controversial one here, but I loved this! Alison Steadman was on form as Edith with John Cleese a great match as Phil. You can never go wrong with Jason Watkins in the cast and as Edith’s son, Roger, this is a different character for him. Add Rosie Cavaliero to the mix and you’ve got a winning formula on your hands. I would agree that it was a slow start, however the one liners are there and the visual comedy, too. I’m looking forward to episode two.



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