Two Doors Down, Series Three, Episode Four ~ Review

It’s Beth’s (Arabella Weir)  birthday in BBC Two’s Two Doors Down and a low key jaunt for a pub meal has been organised, with the birthday girl, Eric (Alex Norton) and the boys about to set off, it was inevitable that Christine (Elaine C Smith) would rock up. Of course she goes with them and has a comment to make at every turn. Here’s a few highlights of one of the funniest episodes so far (and that’s saying something, this show is comedy genius at its highest possible level):

Musical tables

It’s up to Beth where they sit when they arrive at the pub, because it’s her birthday they’re celebrating. So naturally they have to sit where Christine wants to sit!

A bit fishy

With three member of the party wanting fish and only two left, someone has to choose an alternative. Well Beth shouldn’t because it’s her celebration, and Christine isn’t going to change her mind either. The result? Eric is served an empty plate so that Beth can share hers! Happy Birthday Beth!!


Colin (Jonathan Watson) is also in the pub (where else would he be?!) and his wife is away on a detox spa break – although she’s not really detoxing. Who would believe that Cathy (Doon Mackichan) could stay off the booze anyway? A detox break is wasted on her, as she would rather get wasted!


Colin’s well and truly ‘pished’ so he’s all over Eric, especially in the loos! Plus he’s a liability generally and the gang can’t wait for a taxi to arrive to take him home.

Bye bye birthday cake

Just as Colin is about to leave (reluctantly) in his taxi, the boys produce a birthday cake for Beth and their drunken friend heads straight back into the pub. Naturally he manages to create a disaster with the ‘Tesco’s Finest’ cake and it lands on the floor. In fact the mess reflects Beth’s celebrations – it’s a farce, the funniest farce on television!


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