Coming Home by Fern Britton ~ Book Review

Fern Britton is an inspiration to me, I’ve watched her present a cornucopia of television programmes and her warmth, dedication and passion have never waivered. I can’t wait to see her play Mari in the Calendar Girls musical when it starts its UK tour, I think she’ll be perfect casting in the role. With regards to her career as a writer, I admit that until her recent novel ‘Coming Home‘, I hadn’t experienced her talent as an author before, however I’m hooked and frantically back-pedalling to catch up with her other novels. Here’s my review of ‘Coming Home‘ which I could not put down and is still resonating with me.

Star rating: *****

Coming Home‘ is set in Cornwall, and the location simply leaps off the page in this stunningly descriptive, it instantly invites the reader to take up their position with a birds-eye view of the intricacies of a clever, highly emotive yet gentle story.

As the title suggests, home is at the heart of the subject and there’s a running theme of ‘home is where the heart is’, throughout. The emotions of each character are captured so particularly that its easy to care about them and to want to know more about each individual’s story.

Three women are at the centre of the action, three generations, with the bereaved Ella returning to Cornwall following the death of Adela – much loved grandmother and surrogate mother. Sennen, her biological mother, had left Ella and her brother to be cared for by Adela as life as a single parent was too much for her. With Ella and Sennen set to be reunited in Pendruggan, it’s time to start the healing process in more ways than one. The grief shared and experienced by the women is palpable, an enhancing feature of the novel.

It doesn’t take long to be drawn into the tale, the relationship between Sennen and Ella in particular evoked feelings which were all encompassing as the awkwardness, anger and love combined to create something unique. I felt that their feelings were reflected brilliantly in the splendour of the setting, too. A couple of times the ebb and flow of the drama led me up the wrong path and there were subtle twists which piqued my interest further. It almost encourages a false sense of security which is inspired.

Britton has become one of my favourite authors, she’s a wordsmith de force as well as a thoughtful and considered story-teller. Pick up ‘Coming Home‘ and you won’t put it down.

Purchase your copy here (just click the image):


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