Two Doors Down, Series Three, Episode Five ~ Review

BBC Two’s Two Doors Down took the comedy to another level following a pub quiz and antics in Amsterdam. What a hoot of an episode, I’ve had to watch it twice just because I can’t smile wide enough when it’s on the television. A brilliant sit com with exceptional writing and a perfect cast. Here are a few highlights:

Post-Quiz Party

Eric (Alex Norton), Beth (Arabella Weir), Colin (Jonathan Watson) and Cathy (Doon Mackichan) have been to the pub quiz and they’ve got a ‘terrible bottle of wine’ as a runner up prize. It’s in Cathy’s bag for safe keeping! As hot drinks are offered by the usual hostess (Beth!), Cathy requests a large Vodka tonic. Naturally! The main topic of conversation centres around the fact that a male fox is called a dog, which was apparently not a known fact to any of the party.


The party wouldn’t be complete without Christine (Elaine C Smith) and she’s soon on the doorstep and in the living room with the gang, even though she’s supposed to be en route to hospital to take in some thing for Pat, who’s come a cropper as usual. Colin’s already been on the quest for home made chips and put-upon Beth is kitchen-bound yet again. What more excuse does Christine need to linger longer, chips all round then! I love how something so simple can become such a big deal and hilariously funny too.


Ian (Jamie Quinn) and Gordon (Kieran Hodgson) have been on a weekend break to Amsterdam, but they’ve cut it short. Why? Well, Cathy wants to know and she’s soon making herself comfortable in the kitchen with the boys in the hope of catching the juicy gossip. Eventually it’s revealed that Ian has got up to naughties in a bar they went into and Gordon is seething.

Party Pieces

Despite Ian and Gordon’s set-to, any animosity seems to be quickly forgotten once party pieces are the order of the night. There’s Cathy doing ‘the crab’ and offering to teach it to Gordon. Eric is keen to show off his magic trick and Colin has a James Bond impersonation, not the best one it has to be said! The funniest party piece emulates from Beth though as she makes a cat noise…. anyway….!

What the Fox?!

With the talk of the evening having been what a male fox is called and Gordon surprising the gathering with the right answer, it’s apt that Cathy should find a fox outside when the gang are encouraging Gordon to jump over a hedge. Gordon’s hedge jump isn’t too successful and neither is Cathy’s foxy encounter!

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