Two Doors Down, Series Three, Episode Six ~ Review

New neighbours! Just the ticket to round off what has been a phenomenal series of the hit television comedy. The highlight of my Monday evening which will be much missed. If you haven’t watched this third series of Two Doors Down, you have missed a treat. Surely a fourth series will be on the horizon. Here’s the low-down from Eric, Beth, Colin, Cathy, Christine and the people who’s moved in across the road…

Alan & Michelle

Two new characters are introduced into the street and they’re soon being welcome into Beth (Arabella Weir) and Eric’s (Alex Norton) home. They’re invited there by Christine (Elaine C Smith). Alan (Graeme Stavely) and Michelle (Joy McAvoy) seem to be a fairly ‘normal’ couple, Michelle’s worried about making a good impression – Alan doesn’t seem bothered either way! Not too long into the episode, we discover that Alan likes his food (eating three twixes one after the other is one example!) and thinks he’s scored when Beth says he can have a hot drink and a Fanta! Michelle, meanwhile is clearly embarrassed by his ‘devil may care’ attitude and also has her hands full when Cathy (Doon Mackichan) arrives on the scene.

Meeting Cathy…

Colin (Jonathan Watson) knocks on the door in his usual neighbourly fashion, on his way to the dump and checking in to see if he can take anything for Beth and Eric. Of course once he spies the new neighbours in the lounge, he’s sitting down with them and inviting Cathy over to meet them. Cathy waltzes in expecting applause, I think! She compliments Michelle on her jeans just to incite a compliment in return, which doesn’t come. However, things soon start to go wrong when Michelle is frog-marched to Cathy and Colin’s house to see what they’ve done to the place. The kitchen in particular causes ructions.

One of the lads

It was amusing to see Christine staying behind with the lads while the tour of Cathy and Colin’s house took place. Even cracking open a Fosters while she indulged in the out of date banana loaf that she’d bought as an offering for Beth (it was only 19p!).

Having a dig

Cathy and Michelle are certainly not the best of friends and our favourite neighbourhood alcoholic is getting ore and more riled by the new couple o the block. Alan and Michelle have been talking about removing the porch from their house and they’ve got the equipment there to do it – so guess who decides they’re off to help remove said porch there and then….? What makes the scene all the funnier is Colin offering to take the remnants to the dump! That’ll certainly teach Michelle for insinuating that Cathy’s kitchen is impractical…

So long, farewell, f**k off!

Meant in the nicest possible way (have you seen the outtakes featuring Elaine C Smith? Clip is in the link below) – I will be so sorry to see this series go. There’s definitely an open door for another hundred episodes if you ask me!

Bloopers and Outtakes


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