Call The Midwife, Series Seven Finale ~ Review

It’s taken me a week and a second viewing of the series finale of Call The Midwife in order for me to be able to compile my thoughts. The series itself has been a minefield of ups and downs, highs and lows and there hasn’t been one episode that hasn’t left me in tears – at some point. The writers on Call The Midwife are so consistent and they certainly know how to tug at the heart strings. The departure of Barbara (Charlotte Ritchie) is still ricocheting about in my mind as I ponder on the brilliance of the episode that I’ll have to cling onto until Christmas! Here are my highlights from yet another dream of an instalment of one of my favourite television programmes.


If you haven’t watched the episode yet then tissues will not only be necessary – they will be VITAL! Barbara’s funeral was one of the saddest scenes on television I’ve ever seen and when Phyllis (the mighty Linda Bassett) appeared to give her reading, I was in need of a life jacket, I was literally drowning in tears. Barbara will be so missed and much as I understand that it was time for the glorious Ms Ritchie to move on to pastures new, I can’t believe she’s been written out!

Happy Birthday Angela

I was in tears again when Shelagh (Laura Main) broke down in Dr Turner’s (Stephen McGann) arms as she tried to move on from the funeral and prepare for Angela’s (Alice Brown) birthday party. The fact that she was keeping busy to occupy her mind resonated. It was a pretty fabulous party though, mummy did good.


Let’s just take another moment to appreciate the talent of Linda Bassett who has excelled herself as Phyllis, this series. The character has grown on me and her relationship with Barbara was precious. I hope we see romance blossom in the next series – or maybe at Christmas? A wee kiss under the mistletoe with a certain copper?

Happy Birthday Sister Monica Joan

Sister Monica Joan’s (Judy Parfitt) birthday celebrations were stunning. The video footage used which included Barbara was such a moving, beautiful tribute and it was great to see Trixie (Helen George) looking good! A more fitting close to the episode and series I couldn’t imagine. Re-visiting that carousel ride will stay with me for a long time to come.

…until Christmas!

It’s hard to believe that the next time we check in on our favourite characters will be after some turkey and Christmas pud – until then, let’s binge-watch series seven, and maybe the rest of the series before it too! Thanks for reading my episode reviews, I’ll aim to be back with my next Call The Midwife review as soon after Christmas Day as I possibly can.

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