Requiem, Episode One ~ Review

Well, I’ve only just come out from behind the sofa and been able to look at the television again! Have BBC One got one creepy ghost story on their hands or what? It wouldn’t have been out of place throughout October, in fact! Halloween eat your heart out, pardon the ‘pun’ of sorts!

What a gripping, harrowing and visually disturbing drama. However, I am hooked and although I don’t want to look at the television screen, in fact as soon as I hear that incidental music I don’t want to look – but then I do, of course.

Here’s the facts so far: 

Matilda Grey (Lydia Wilson) is a rather brilliant cellist and she’s living a bohemian lifestyle with music obviously at the centre of her world. She plays in a duo with her pianist friend Hal (Joel Fry) and they’ve got a concert looming.

Before we’re introduced to Matilda we see a gentleman in a stately home driven to jump off the roof by a force of what could only be described as ‘evil’ from a mixture of mirrors and ghostly sounds.

So, then we meet Matilda’s mum, Janice (Joanna Scanlan) and I was quite delighted because I think she’s awesome. There’s an arrangement for mum and daughter to meet for lunch the next day, but that’s not gonna happen!

The concert rehearsal’s underway but before curtain up mum’s gone weird after a series of events while she was getting ready for the big night. The upshot? Mum appears in a half made-up state looking pretty scary and daughter follows her to a car park where mum brutally commits suicide with a knife.

*** Pause for looks and gasps of horror *** 

Papers and cuttings in mum’s home send Matilda and Hal to Wales and Matilda is keen to pursue the case of a missing girl called Carys whom she believes has a connection to her mum’s sudden suicide.

Once in Penllynith they seek out Carys’s parents and it’s not long until Matilda is experiencing disturbing supernatural connections.  Especially when she spends the night in the house of the gentleman who jumped off the roof, for he is the late Uncle of an Australian character called Nick (James Frecheville) and Nick extends an invitation for Matilda and Hal to stay in the house which he’s inherited.

Verdict: Wow! What a cast (still sorry to have only seen Joanna Scanlan for such a short time), I can’t wait to see more of Claire Rushbrook as Carys’s mum, and I gather Clare Calbraith will also be making an appearance (they were both in ITV’s Home Fires and I LOVED that). There is a cast de force in this hauntingly shot piece of drama. I was on the edge of my seat and fully expect every episode to have me in the same unstable state. Kris Mrksa, what a writer!

Catch up with it here

…but be warned!! 

Photo credits: BBC Pictures

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