Requiem, Episode Three ~ Review

Requiem is one of my favourite television dramas at the moment – such a stellar cast with an ever-deepening and intriguing storyline. I only hope the finale won’t leave me disappointed and questioning like so many television programmes have done during 2018 so far. Here are a few of my personal highlights from this week’s exceptional and revealing instalment:


Trudy’s (Sian Reese-Williams) part in the story is made clearer this week as it becomes apparent through a flashback that she was supposed to be sitting with Carys in the park while her child-minder mother was in a call box. Carys disappeared at about the time that Trudy ran over to get up to no good with some local boys. Her offer to take Matilda (Lydia Wilson) to Carys’s home in order to find out if it prompted memories showed that she has some acceptance that Matilda could indeed be Carys. Although it’s still not definite, there’s also a birth certificate in the mix, now – but we don’t know what it says!

Another death

Meredith (Jane Thorne) knows more than she has let on, I’m sure of it – and she had the capability of filling Matilda in on her insights. However, coincidentally, it isn’t long after Matilda’s latest visit to see Meredith that the elderly lady passes away having suffered a Stroke. I can’t help but wonder if it really was that straight forward.


Hal (Joel Fry) hears music in his mind in a rather uncomfortable scene and he’s quick to put it all down on paper. Was I on my own in thinking he was going to be ‘infiltrated’ and led to take his own life when that rather haunting music was playing? I’m intrigued to see how the score he’s written will fit in.

Ghostly encounter

Matilda’s been digging around and now she’s found out what her birth certificate says, so that was a cue for the ghost of her mother (Joanna Scanlan) to appear and basically give her a dressing down for interfering. However, I might say this lightly, but I’d want to know what possessed someone to kill themselves in such a horrific way. Regardless, I’m sure ‘mum’ is right at the hub of this.

The plot thickens

Rose (Claire Rushbrook) is next to attempt to take her own life as Aron (Richard Harrington) leaves their home and takes their son with him. It’s for her own good apparently, except it really wasn’t the best way forward given what the grieving mother has already been though. Hence Matilda finding her face down in the bath.

Rose is OK, or so we think, so that leads me to comment on Trudy’s dad and what part he’s played in the sorry tale. My mind’s working overtime and yet he could well be a red herring…


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