Bags of Bags for Movie Fans

When I visit the various Comic Cons that Entertainment Views are privileged to be asked to review, the merchandise is one of the first directions I head in! With limited space for all the Funko Pops in the world that I would love to home and the same being said for the action figures which I’ve not outgrown – tshirts and bags win the shopping list ‘game’ and I often return to Entertainment Views HQ with at least one new bag. As a TV and Movie fan, I’m always on the look out for a rare item and if I can grab a bargain I’m an even happier fan girl! These are the types of bags I check out while I’m out and about at enjoying a convention:

Messenger & Cross Body Bags

When I’m out for work purposes and have a notepad, tablet, mobile phone and a pencil case of some description to satisfy my stationery ‘fetish’ – I need something that will carry all those things safely. Also, because this is me we’re talking about, some geekery needs to creep in. Minions is a winner, I love the Despicable Me films and think that Minions are one of the most inspired ‘cartoon’ characters. I’m also a self-confessed Disney fan and can’t bypass an opportunity to own a new Disney bag when the moment calls for it. Mickey and Minnie Mouse are definite must-have characters on my best-loved style of bags.

Toiletry Bags

If I can add a little Disney magic to my toiletry department’ then I’m all for a toiletry bag which features a character from one of my favourite films. I’m also not opposed to Peter Rabbit as he reminds me of my childhood and I love the latest film release. Toiletry bags are a vital part of my luggage and with entertainment review requests coming far and wide from across the UK – I’m on the road often.

Lunch Bags

With a four year old to please on days out, and who is also due to start school full-time in September this year, I am always on the search for new lunch bags. He’s a Super Heroes fan so a Marvel Comics option always goes down well (see picture for one of his favourites).

Comic Con Shopping

I love to come away with merchandise from a Comic Con, it’s one of my musts and as a TV and Film memorabilia shopaholic I’d be disappointed to leave empty handed.

However, what I have discovered is that I can also find all of my and my son’s favourite characters featured on bags on a variety of websites via

So although I love a good hunt around a TV and Movie event, I’m also excited to have discovered an online hideaway which is showing more offers on bags than my husband can ‘handle’ me owning (pardon the pun!).


Photos: C/o Amazon

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