Justin’s Band ~ Town Hall, Birmingham

Star rating: *****

Justin Fletcher who is also better known as Mr Tumble to tots all over the country, has a new show on tour and it’s a glorious party for pre-schoolers and early years children.

The popular children’s entertainer who is the face of Cbeebies was on fine form as he held the Town Hall in Birmingham to rapt attention with an educational show about musical instruments. Indeed, the first half was very much centred around teaching the young audience about the different instruments that they too can learn to play. Peppered with well loved songs to help the education along.

As Justin built his band and introduced each musician to his fans, the show steered steadily towards party time and which saw the excited youngsters jumping, clapping and singing. The venue was packed to the rafters with joy and I can’t commend Fletcher highly enough on a show which is just the right format for the target audience. His backing dancers and singers were also equally engaging entertainers, excellent all-round performers.

The Hello song and the Goodbye song both featured as well as Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Hands Up. There was no need to encourage participation because the interaction was instantaneous thanks to the man of the moment.

My little boy hasn’t stopped talking about the show and he wants to play every instrument he was introduced to. His imagination has been well and truly captured.

Catch the show on tour, you won’t regret it – check out this Facebook page link to find out where Justin will be stopping off next: Justin’s Band

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