The Big Things ~ Press Release

Press Release

The Big Things brings us into the world of Grace, a woman living to a different rhythm. She meets Malcolm and falls in love, but even that she can’t do without people staring. When she and Malcolm decide to have a baby, the ensuing challenges leave her questioning everything she knows about life. How can your family love you when they can’t understand you? How can you be a good mother when you’re not like everyone else?

Like so many women in the UK and around the world, Grace is living on the spectrum, high-functioning and undiagnosed. She’s brilliant and funny and struggling to keep it together.

Shortlisted for the BBC Alfred Bradley Bursary Award 2016, The Big Things is a tragi-comic play about love, parenthood, and defining and defying what it means to be normal.

About Kibo Productions

We believe theatre is a powerful tool for transformation and our work is made with the hope that we can activate change in the world, however small, by producing plays that reveal and challenge our perception of the world. Our work is intentionally diverse with content that is socially relevant, artistically engaging and inclusive at its core. We are passionate about working with new writers to nurture and develop their work and are keen to produce first productions and UK and London premieres of new plays.

The Big Things by Mike Heath was selected following an open submissions window in February 2018. In the span of five days, we received almost 200 scripts from across the world. We selected The Big Things by Mike Heath because we were won over by the beautifully complex central female character. Through her experiences, we gain insight into the intricacies of living with ASD as an adult and a parent. This is a story rarely seen on the stage, and we are proud to be producing the world premiere of Grace’s story.

Read Entertainment Views’ exclusive interview with Director, Sharon Willems, here: Interview with Sharon Willems

Book Tickets, here: The Big Things ~ Book Tickets

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