Breathless ~ Review

Star rating: ****

The 1983 film, Breathless starring Richard Gere and Valerie Kaprisky has been released on Bluray and it still stands the test of time 35 years on from its original release.

It’s a classic guy backed into a corner on the wrong side of the law scenario from the outset. The character played by Gere goes by the name of Jesse Lujack, he’s very self-assured and governed by the rule of three where his interests are concerned. That’s Marvel comic books, Jerry Lee Lewis and Monica Poiccard (Valerie Kaprisky) whom he had a brief weekend long affair with. Lujack is on his way to L.A. in a stolen Porsche and there’s a gun in the glove compartment. He finds the gun while he’s driving which causes a copper to pull him over – one thing leads to another and it’s not long before Lujack’s back in the car fleeing to L.A. having shot the copper.

Tracking down his lost ‘love’, Monica, Lujack wastes no time in moving in with her, despite her initial hesitation. He’s going by a false name, Jack Burns. It seems Monica’s besotted with ‘Jack’ and willing to risk her own future as a star architect student. However, with Lujack’s photo circulating in all the national newspapers following the shooting, how long will it be before the truth comes out?

It’s a psychological, action-packed movie which challenges your way of thinking and it’s completely unpredictable. As an actor, I find Gere slightly ‘samey’ in his roles, this one is no different – however he does have a certain charisma which draws me and therefore makes it a watchable film. Kaprisky is a great match for him and together their chemistry is believable and dances on a knife edge.

If you’d like a step back into the eighties to watch a classic movie with a fascinating storyline, this is worth a purchase!

Click on the image below to purchase a copy of Breathless on Bluray:

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