Fast & Furious Live ~ Arena Birmingham

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Star rating: *****

Fast & Furious live is a high-speed spectacular with stunts, tricks and danger all played out before your eyes. With the famous Fast & Furious movie scenes playing out on a big screen we saw a range of vehicles, some from the films, racing around the arena as their daredevil drivers introduced us to street racing, neon effects and handbrake turns to rival the best of them.

Presented by Elysia Wren as Sophia Diaz and Mark Ebulue as DSS Agent Dawson – we are led into an underworld of crime, villainy and high-speed car chases. It’s loud, it’s a skilful display of exceptional stunts and it’s played out to scene-setting music too.

The neon effects were my favourite (as seen in the image above) as they enhanced vehicles which appeared to be pure white on the surface. Although if you’ve seen the Fast & Furious movies, you’ll know that pure is not a word associated with the family! If you’ve never seen the movies before, you don’t need to have watched them to be amazed by the performances of the team. If you’ve ever wanted to see a man jump a car driving at speed, you’ll see Chase Armitage do just that, and if you’re anything like me your heart will be in your mouth throughout the entirety. Do you believe that cars can fly? You will once you’ve witnessed the heady heights that some of these vehicles can reach!

The cars are indeed the stars of the show and the stunts you’ll see are recreated from the movies. There’s also a chance to get involved, plenty of audience participation without moving from your seat or putting yourself at risk. It’s an extraordinary show unlike any I’ve had the privilege of watching before and I can attest that it’s family friendly, too – our 4 year old was astounded and completely captivated by it.

Would I watch it again? Without a moment’s hesitation – and I will be catching up on the Fast & Furious movies I’ve missed too!


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Photo Credits: Fast & Furious Live Website

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