A Place To Call Home ~ TV Series Review

Star rating: *****

If you’re looking for a television drama featuring all the usual ingredients – love, grief, social dynamics and an unpredictable plotline – A Place To Call Home comes highly recommended. The difference with this television series is that it’s set in the 1950’s so there are plenty of historical elements to maintain interest together with exceptional writing and a talented cast who play characters it’s easy to care about. The boxset of series 1-5 is available to buy on DVD, so if you’re not familiar with the series the good news is that you can binge watch! If you need a reason or two – here are some of my personal highlights from across the series:

Troubled Central Characters

Every good drama has central characters with a past and Sarah Adams (Marta Dusseldorp) arrives with baggage and then some. She’s been brought up as a strict Catholic, however she followed her heart to Paris to be with the man she had fallen for. Changing her faith for him, she has recently been led to believe that she is a widow as he had been involved in World War II. Sarah is settling into her new life when she hears news which is distinctly unsettling.

I think that Marta Dusseldorp is a fine choice for this role, she engages me as a viewer and plays a believable character. If I were to choose a favourite character I would lean towards Sarah, even though I can find her frustrating as much as I find her fascinating.

The Bligh Family

The Bligh family are a mixed bag, there’s a matriarch, a widower, a daughter with a secret daughter, a daughter-in-law who’s starved of affection because her husband is gay. You name the complication and this family has it! A tangled web of complex characters, none of whom appear to be able to find peace or happiness. Will this come for any of them in the season finale? I hope not, wrapping it up neatly wouldn’t follow the thread consistently. The Bligh family need to be messed up! They do it well!!

Location, Location, Location

New South Wales is the setting and it completely captivates me, I’m as drawn to the series for the scenery as I am the melodrama. A glorious region of Australia which provides the perfect backdrop for the action.

Medical drama

Add to the heady combination of family feuds, troubled newcomers and amazing setting that this is also has a medical element as Sarah is a nurse – and that completes the picture. It’s even more compelling due to the nature of the decade the show is set in. Medicine isn’t as dominant a feature as in Call The Midwife, Casualty or Holby City, of course!

I believe that the sixth and final season is set to air in August this year, so there’s plenty of time to catch up beforehand!

Click the image to get your hands on the DVD boxset, you can also purchase individual series on DVD:


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