Seatplan Website Review

www,seatplan,com is a theatre-based website I was previously unfamiliar with, so having been invited to ‘review’ the website, I was interested to see the layout, ticket deals and encouragement given to members of the public to share their theatrical experiences. As the site looks to improve their user experience, I’ve noted my likes and suggestions for improvement.

I like….

  1. Providing a platform for ‘Joe Public’ to write about their experience at the theatre, whether good, bad or indifferent. It’s important to see a myriad of opinions and this site certainly provides that opportunity.
  2. Views from seats in a variety of theatres are provided with reviews and could be useful if you’re considering your seat options. I, for one often seek out a ‘cheap’ seat and if I’m keen on selecting ‘restricted view’ because it will enable me to stick to my budget it’s good to know whether I might be compromising the view I’ll be getting as a result of my earning the nickname of ‘cheap-skate’ (although pennies saved on a ticket always go towards the interval drink fund!).
  3. Competitions – always a reason to visit a website (in my humble opinion!) and they currently have a great one to win tickets to see The King And I. In the past they’ve offered theatre tokens which are also a much coveted prize.
  4. You can earn rewards through uploading your review and photo which enable you to cash out a £10 theatre token – that’s a decent reward for the active theatre-goer! It’s also an incentive to get involved.

My Suggestions…

  1. Two search boxes aren’t necessary (there’s one at the top of the website and another larger scale search box below that).
  2. When first logging on to the website it’s not obvious that there are rewards for uploading content and competitions to win prizes. Initially it could be mistaken for being a ticket sales website which encourages theatre enthusiasts to share their reviews.
  3. I note that the Midlands is missing from the list of places to go and see a show – speaking as a midlands-based reviewer, we have many beautiful venues with some fantastic in-house and visiting shows on offer.


It’s a unique concept and links together the various elements that are important to a theatre-goer. The seat views in particular are quite useful and a good idea. With a few tweaks I think this will be a top UK theatre website.


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