The Little Mermaid ~ Malvern Theatres

Little Mermaid is on UK tour – check our all the dates/venues here: Little Mermaid

Star rating: ****

It was a first for me to see a Circus performance and definitely a first to be able to appreciate Little Mermaid performed this way. However, I hope this will be the first of many opportunities I will have, as I have witness something extraordinary in Metta Theatre’s production.

With book, lyrics and additional song melodies from Poppy Burton-Morgan, we were treated the tale of the mermaid’s quest to live on land which is mirrored by the Prince’s desire to be by the sea. A fateful storm throws them into one another’s path and so begins the classic love story, it’s a rollercoaster of dark magic from the Sea Witch, life-changing choices and the overall feeling that love will conquer all eventually.

The music was played on stage by the cast and they all possessed stunning singing voices, their musicality matched their physical abilities and made for quite the spectacle. The strength, trust and confidence that each one emulated was thrilling too.

With a set which was minimalistic yet represented the sea beautifully, with the sparse addition of relevant apparatus, the scene was set for a story of wonder. The talented ensemble demonstrated their abilities as acrobats, singers, musicians and story-tellers. I can honestly say this was the first time I’d ever seen an individual swinging upside down and simultaneously playing the violin! It looked as natural as the other stunning choreography and movement, though, the entire show was seamless.

It was unfortunate that my eyes were drawn to the wings as I was eager to watch the technicalities, this may have distracted me from the splendour unfolding on stage. However, there’s no denying that the production is flawless both on and off stage.

I’m delighted to have dipped into a different genre of live performance and Malvern Theatres provided a superb space to watch it in.

Photo Credits: Robert Day



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