Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em ~ Wolverhampton Grand Theatre

Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em stays at Wolverhampton Grand Theatre until Saturday 19 May – to book tickets follow the link: Wolverhampton Grand Theatre

Star rating: ****

Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em was a television favourite of mine and I admire the work of both Michael Crawford and Michele Dotrice, therefore the idea of a new cast in a stage version was one I struggled with. However, I was certainly willing to watch the show with an open mind and with Joe Pasquale at the helm as Frank, I felt it might just work.

I’m happy to report that I enjoyed a thoroughly entertaining evening at the theatre, it’s a laugh-a-minute comedy bonanza with innovative staging which almost steals the show by itself.

Guy Unsworth has written the ‘new’ script and based it on the original scripts by Raymond Allen, so there are elements of the famous television episodes peppered with new material. Joe Pasquale looks the part with the trench coat and beret, his mannerisms are similar to those associated with the original Frank, however he puts his own stamp on the role. The fact that Pasquale is an established comedian enhanced his characterisation and he even attempted a stunt or two, without the signature black gloves which Crawford was renowned for!

The story follows Betty’s (Sarah Earnshaw) discovery that she’s expecting a baby, Frank’s unemployed again and the local Vicar (David Shaw-Parker), Betty’s mum (Susie Blake) and her new chap, David Worthington (Moray Treadwell) are all on the scene too. The Vicar is permanently baffled, as most are in the company of Frank. Betty’s mum Barbara is getting stuck into Frank’s late mum’s homemade wine, while her new man is of particular interest to Frank because he’s a Bank Manager! With the added excitement of an impending visit from the BBC who intend to film the Spencers for a forthcoming talent show, the chaos, mayhem and sheer madness is overt and thoroughly slapstick from the outset.

The entire cast are a tight knit unit who each support one another superbly as the set is literally falling down around them. In particular, there is a stand-out performance from Susie Blake as Barbara, her facial expressions alone had me weeping tears of laughter. Blake’s physical comedy ability was a match for Pasquale’s too which was an inspired combination in the scenes they had together.

Does this work as a stage show? A resounding yes, the story lends itself to the stage and has been cleverly and intricately written. It’s also notable that Joe Pasquale is not trying to impersonate Michael Crawford, therefore it was engaging to watch a fresh take on a much-loved character. At times it seemed like some of the easy chemistry I’d expect to see between Frank and Betty was lacking, perhaps this is where my knowledge of the television version was a hindrance for me personally as a viewer. However on the whole I thoroughly enjoyed a good belly-laugh courtesy of a classic piece of comedy.

Photo Credits: Scott Rylander


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