Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance

I’m a self-confessed royalist and I’ve always been interested in the Royal Family. The recent wedding was naturally exciting from my point of view, although I admit I haven’t taken much notice of the engagement and the build-up. However, what did grab my attention was a part fictional/part factual movie about the pair’s courtship and the pathway to matrimony.

My fascination with the Royal Family is such that I was unsure about watching actors portray them. Surprisingly, it was a joy to watch though and I was drawn to the nuances of Harry and Meghan’s relationship. There was an overall vibe of positivity throughout, even when cracks in the courtship appeared and the ‘roles’ were cast brilliantly.

We are led beautifully through the couple’s first date and follow them to Africa (a glorious setting) and through the inevitable ups and downs of their ultimately blissful relationship. There’s a wonderful contrast towards the close of the film, too where we see the real Harry and Meghan during one of their walk-abouts.

Parisa Fitz-Henley plays Meghan and she’s certainly a ringer for the newest Royal, the on-screen chemistry she shares with Harry (Murray Fraser) oozes and replicates the chemistry I feel we see in the real life pairing. Equally there’s great casting where Prince William (Burgess Abernethy) and Kate (Laura Mitchell) are concerned and there’s some fantastic scenes with them both, also concentrating on Kate’s relationship with Harry as her brother-in-law. Charles and Camilla are also played fantastically by Steve Coulter and Deborah Ramsay – not only are they excellent look-a-likes, their personas are accurate too. There’s a stunning moment where Harry tells them they ought to have been allowed to marry in the first place and Camilla replies that this would have meant that he didn’t exist and the world would have been a far less wonderful place. We are led to believe that Harry has a good relationship with Camilla and I would like to hope that this fictional instance is not beyond the realms of possibility and that a conversation of this description might well have taken place in reality.

Pippa Middelton’s wedding is the pinnacle moment of the dramatization which is quite an ideal mid-point. The happy ending we all know is coming arrives perfectly without force. I have been inspired by this movie and certainly won’t feel dubious about watching more of them in the future. If you’re undecided about tuning in, my advice would be to watch it with an open mind and enjoy!



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