Blackpool Tower Circus ~ Review

You can book to see this incredible extravaganza by clicking the link: 

Blackpool Tower Circus

Star rating: ****

Circus has been a popular entertainment and art form for 250 years, now! What a revelation, and indeed a superb achievement. It deserves a few honks of a clown’s horn at the very least and perhaps a mammoth celebration, you might think? Well, Blackpool Tower Circus have produced that very celebration. It’s a spanking brand new show for 2018 and stars Blackpool Circus favourites, Mr Boo and Mooky.

With the two popular clowns at the helm, what could go wrong? Plenty, with Mooky mucking about and getting under Mr Boo’s feet, interrupting his pal’s attempts to play a full tune on the sax and of course, the age old mirror trick adding an extra dimension to their well established comedy act. It was a delight to follow the hilarious pair ‘around the world’ as we were treated to acrobatics, tricks and an astounding array of balancing acts. The talent within the troupe knows no bounds, from using a bike to increase the risk in a stunning balancing act, to using the whip in the most extraordinary fashion (and without any animals, I hasten to add). Just when you think you’ve seen it all, Storm Troopers appear and so do trampolines – mind blown! All of which is punctuated with Mooky and Mr Boo clowning around and engaging the audience in their madcap antics.

With a finale to beat all finales, the acts you’ll see will amaze, wow and astound you beyond belief. There’s never been a better time to go to see the Blackpool Tower Circus, it’s great family entertainment, although a few of the acts lost our little boy’s attention – but he is only 4 years old. If you’ve been to the Circus before, you’ll already know what a treat you’re in for and if you haven’t been to one yet, this is a fantastic one to start with. Make sure you have your photo taken in front of the green screen too!


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