Kiss Me, Kate – The London Coliseum

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Guest Review: Francesca Mepham 
Star rating: ****
Opera North have brought to The London Coliseum, their sensational touring production, of perhaps Cole Porter’s finest work, the Musical Kiss Me, Kate. 
Quirijn de Lang
From the moment the sumptuous Overture is played by Opera North’s incredible orchestra, conducted by James Holmes, the high energy ride begins, that you are delighted to be swept along upon. The opening number Another Op’nin, Another Show, performed by Hattie (Aiesha Pease) and the ensemble, is executed with charisma and introduces the ‘show within a show’ genre, that Kiss Me, Kate is based upon, which is Shakespeare’s The Taming Of The Shrew.
The love-hate relationship, of the shows divorced actor and director Fred Graham (Quirijn de Lang) and Lilli Vanessa (Stephanie Corley), finds its stride, when they are playing the roles of Petruchio and Kate, compared to the earlier scenes, where the fire and bite is very much solely felt from Corley. The passion in Cole Porter’s masterpiece So In love is performed separately by each character, with honesty and warmth, which they never find a way to show each other. A depiction of Petruchio ‘spanking’ Kate, was slightly uncomfortable viewing and dated, its inclusion in the production today, is rather curious.
Wit and comedy are the real highlights of this production, with Bella and Samuel Spewack’s dazzling book, with Jo Davies having kept the staging quite minimal, which works tremendously well as this a character driven show. The First Gunman (Joseph Shovelton) and Second Gunman (John Savournin), are a joyous double act, which captures the great screwball comedy of the forties era, but with a great freshness. The duo’s number Brush Up Your Shakespeare was a stand-out number of the show, as was another outstanding moment in Act Two, with Zoë Rainey’s quirky and stunning rendition of Always True To You In My Fashion as the ditzy nightclub-dancer-turned-actress Lois Lane.
Jack-Wilcox as Hortensio Zoe Rainey as Bianca Piers Bate as Gremio and Alan Burkitt as Lucentio
Will Tuckett’s choreography was shown to its full strength by the ensemble numbers most notably Too Darn Hot, which Stephane Anelli as Paul showed great charm. The real revelation of the show was Alan Burkitt as lovable rogue actor Bill Calhoun, whose jaw-dropping solo tap number was mesmerizing. Zoë Rainey also displayed great pizzaz with the choreography, giving one of the most enchanting performances I have seen in a long time, with her portrayal of both Lois Lane and Bianca.
Kiss Me, Kate is full of moments, that remind you of the magic of Cole Porter’s timeless music, when performed by a truly remarkable cast and orchestra. Opera North have a triumph on their hands, which will enthrall audiences, lucky enough to see this classy production. Wunderbar!

Photo Credits: Tristam Kenton 

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