Plebs Series 4 ~ Review

Plebs series 4 offers the usual hilarious antics and high-jinx, often wildly inappropriate and cringe-worthy antics and high-jinx! ITV2’s must-watch comedy has got it all going on again.


This series we see the return of Joel Fry as Stylax – albeit briefly, no spoilers if you haven’t seen it yet, I’m a huge fan of Fry’s and Stylax was one of the best characters in my humble opinion. To counter-balance, Jason is introduced (played by Jonathan Pointing), he’s grown on me, it wasn’t ‘love’ at first sight, however Pointing is an engaging actor. The positive is that the regular writers, Sam Leifer and Tom Basden are still at the helm and their jokes are the making of the show.


Series writer, Tom Basden plays the role and I liked the way they’ve landed him at the centre of the darkest humour which borders on brutal (especially where murders are concerned) yet remains thoroughly comedic throughout. The script has been cleverly constructed and Aurelius’ continued involvement is a genius move. I’m equally impressed and intrigued by the return of many characters who previously appeared in the show. Recurring characters are the life-blood of a sitcom.

Roman Roots

The roman roots together with the silly, childish humour offers a hilarious sitcom which should still run and run. As long as the writers stick with what works and we don’t wave goodbye to too many beloved characters in the future, I’ll be a happy viewer. All hail Plebs!

Get your hands on a copy of the latest series on DVD (see the image below):

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