Dinosaur World Live! ~ Milton Keynes Theatre

Star rating: *****

The stage at Milton Keynes Theatre was stormed by dinosaurs last week! From the plant-eating Triceratops to the terrifying T-Rex, all Dino life could be found, in the capable hands of Explorer, Miranda (Elizabeth Mary Williams).

The show is aimed and big and small kids alike, with expert puppeteers bringing to life the most ferocious looking beasts and teaching us something about Paleontology along the way. The production is packed with energy to engage the younger audience members, many of whom may have never experienced live theatre before. As Miranda, Elizabeth Mary Williams is spectacularly animated which automatically gave her a command over the packed auditorium. Selecting some of the excited children to meet the dinosaurs and feed them, take them for a walk, seemingly putting themselves in the path of ‘danger’, the character of Miranda was perfect to lead us all into the world of dinosaurs.

I personally enjoyed the arrival of the slumbering baby Triceratops and the anticipation that a baby dinosaur was going to hatch from its egg. In pantomime style, a request was made of the audience to alert Miranda to any movement from the egg.

The puppeteers not only impressed me with their movement, characterisation and sheer strength, the sounds they were replicating were exceptional. So engrossed was I in the appearance of each dinosaur that I was not easily distracted by the puppeteer and forgot they were there operating the creatures.

My four year old son was in awe of the show, desperate to meet the dinos and frightened yet excited to see the humungous T-Rex as it prowled around the stage. This production ticked all of the boxes for my young theatre-goer. Kudos to Max Humphries, the puppet designer and Derek Bond, the Writer and Director. Visually and narratively this creation has tapped into the imagination of a pre-schooler who was already intrigued by dinosaurs.

Whether you’re a dino fan or not particularly inspired by them – you’ll leave the show feeling thoroughly entertained and don’t miss the chance to meet two of the baby dinosaurs!

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