Walking With Dinosaurs Live ~ Arena Birmingham

Star rating: *****

Dinosaurs were on the loose in Birmingham last week and they were humongous, ferocious and hungry for an arena packed full of dino enthusiasts at Arena Birmingham.

It’s presented and narrated by popular television personality, Michaela Strachan who appears as the palaeontologist introducing and giving facts about all of the extraordinary replicas of these amazing beasts. The factual information is fascinating to listen to and the dinosaurs who wander around the arena, which is paved with bright coloured plant-life are a vision to behold. My son was astounded, even from the upper circle, it felt as though some of the larger specimens could reach out and touch us – they were so life-like.

As we are taken on a journey through the decades, we meet dinosaurs from a variety of periods of time – there’s the Allosaurus, Plateosaurus, Stegosaurus, Torosaurus, Utahraptor, Ankylosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Lilensternus and Ornithocheirus. Each dino has its own behaviour pattern, position in the food chain and unique sound too. Watch out for the T-Rex too, both mother and baby are on the prowl!

I personally found it to be a moving experience, life-affirming in its own way and Strachan was a perfect choice to take the helm. My little boy was convinced that the dinosaurs were real. If you’ve seen the BBC One Television programme of the same title, you’ll already know how the recreation of a wide range of Dinosaurs is quite a sight to behold. When you see them live you’ll not believe your eyes.

Go and see Walking With Dinosaurs on its arena tour, miss it and you’ll miss out – book here: Walking With Dinosaurs Live

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