Our Girl: Nigeria, Belize and Bangladesh Tour ~ BBC One

Star rating: *****

Unusually, I’m going to start this review with the season finale – ‘Our Girl‘ offers Michelle Keegan an opportunity to shine in a role I wouldn’t necessarily associate her with. It’s testament to the casting directors that she was sought after for the character of Georgie and she should surely be in line for an award following the latest ‘tour’. Episode eight is such an action packed instalment that I was gripped by the sheer drama, terror and wonder of the top class camera work. There’s a mass shoot out, Georgie is caught in the middle of it, injured and she still has time to consider a relationship with Captain James (Ben Aldridge). As facetious as that may sound, it’s handled so brilliantly and dropped into the context of the episode with subtlety. Add to the mix that the chemistry between Aldridge and Keegan is simmering to boiling point, almost as heated as the shooting! The finale is not disappointing in the slightest.

The danger encountered by Georgie in episode one is horrific enough, with focused medic throwing herself headlong into training the Nigerians. My heart was in my mouth on more than one occasion and it set the pace and overall tone for the series.

Episode four is one of my favourite episodes, I could feel every ounce of fear from both Georgie and Captain James as they awaited rescue and it was also the turning point for their relationship, with their professional relationship in jeopardy. It’s also clear by this episode that a mere training exercise has become an unexpected mission. They’re helped by a teenager called Ezra (James Baller) and I will be keeping my eyes peeled for this young actor in the future, what an engaging character and an outstanding performance.

Episode five was a notable one as we have moved on six months following an incident involving Captain James (no spoilers!). John Michie’s performance as the Brigadier stepped up gear in this episode, meanwhile Inspector Chowdhrey (Navin Chowdhrey) is a target for assassination. Therefore the Brigadier’s gala is not quite the celebration its designed to be!

The locations used for the series are incredible, I often feel as though I’m in Georgie’s shoes seeing the action through her eyes, so innovative is the filming. If you missed the series on BBC One, then don’t hesitate to buy a copy on DVD, you won’t regret it and if you binge watch, guaranteed you’ll feel like you’re watching a movie.


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  1. I have just finished watching all three seasons on the iPlayer and I have mixed feelings about this drama.

    Although much of the general actions and attitudes from the soldiers often feel unrealistic (from someone with no army experience), I can accept this for the sake of artistic licence. In general, the action is quite good and I feel the role of women has been portrayed relatively well. I just kind of think of this as an alternative universe rather than a portrayal of reality.

    However, I was not happy with the love affair between CJ and Georgie. And I have several reasons for feeling this way.

    1) It ruined the first season. I was not delighted about the romance between Molly and CJ in season 1. However, I thought it was well done and accepted it as a nice story of true love. However, that romance from the first series is now proved to be insincere and fleeting. I like to think of Molly and CJ staying together for life. But if we want to stay true to canon, the true love story does not exist. In effect, the producers have done a Disney on their prequel. They have made it pointless and irrelevant. I think that many fans of the Molly/CJ story will be unhappy and disappointed that the big romance was thrown on the rubbish heap for the sake of a rather lacklustre affair.

    2) The love story was very contrived. There was no build up to it. There was no real sign of romance between Georgie and CJ before ep 4. Then suddenly, CJ is declaring his love from out of nowhere. Then despite the lack of any real romantic chemistry between CJ and Georgie, she suddenly accepts his advances. While Molly’s romance with CJ was quite well and built up well, the romance between Georgie and CJ felt contrived, lacking both depth and real passion.

    3. It ruined CJ’s character. In season 2 and the first part of season 3, CJ acted as the mature CO and mentor. He fit this bill perfectly. But after declaring his feelings for Georgie, he came across as insincere and rather pathetic. Considering CJ acted did the same with Molly, can we really be sure his ‘feelings’ for Georgie are genuine. From being the cool headed leader, he now comes across as as a sordid Bois with a fetish for medics, who gets away with sexual harassment.

    4. It ruined Georgia’s character. Georgia’s comes across as a very weak female character. She may be the protagonist, but she is no feminist icon. It seems that Georgie can survive unless she has some romantic involvement with someone. In other words, Georgie is defined by her romances, not by her actions as a soldier. This is not the fault of the actress. I blame this on poor writing.

    I really feel that season 2 and 3 of OG was a missed opportunity. They did the big romance in series 1 and unfortunately they continued in this vein. They should have done something different. But the writers seem to think that a romance will draw in the fans. I suspect that viewing figures may show the opposite.

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