Ruddigore or The Witch’s Curse ~ Malvern Theatres

Star rating: *****

One of the few Gilbert & Sullivan operettas I’d not seen was Ruddigore and it’s become a firm favourite following the show-stopping production brought to Malvern Theatres by the Gilbert & Sullivan Opera Company.

Directed by Cav. Vivian. J. Coates, choreographed by Mary MacDonagh it’s everything I expect a Gilbert & Sullivan piece to be, witty, tongue-in-cheek, overt humour with modern references appropriately added. Brexit is naturally the go-to present day addition in the script! The choreography of this production is particularly notable, from ensemble numbers to duets, the dancing is eye-catching and beautifully executed.

Ruddigore itself is a complex, interwoven story with ‘pantomime villain’ characterisation at the centre of the tale. The story revolves around Robin Oakapple, who has been living as a farmer for years, working up the courage to ask the beautiful village maiden Rose Maybud for her hand. He is hiding a secret, he is actually Sir Ruthven, the Baronet of Ruddigore, and has been hiding in disguise while his younger brother Despard assumed the title, and the curse. With Richard Dauntless, Robin’s foster brother also on the scene and in love with Rose Maybud and Mad Margaret hot on the trail of Despard, her one true love – it’s like an olden day bedroom farce!

Bradley Travis plays Robin Oakapple (Sir Ruthven) and he’s exceptional in the part, his rich vocal tone lends itself to such numbers as My Eyes Are Fully Open which was my favourite and featured Despard (Matthew Siveter) and Mad Margaret (Mae Heydorn). Siveter was clearly in his element as Despard, making a grand entrance as a cunning, dastardly cad who would rival Dick Dastardly from the children’s television series ‘Wacky Races’! He was a superb match for Heydorn who grabbed my attention as Mad Margaret – the timing of the line delivery as well as the visual comedy she brought to the role were just a few of Heydorn’s strengths in taking on the role. Rosanna Harris brought a quirky, air-headed quality to Rose a she dilly dallied around falling in love at the drop of her etiquette book which was forever in her grasp. Her Aunt, Dame Hannah was played by Gaynor Keeble who was every inch the stern, over-seeing senior, most put out at having been carried off to fulfil a daily crime which Sir Ruthven was bound to commit later in the show.

With an ensemble who each individually have exquisite voices, all of which I could hear with such clarity – the females of the ensemble all giggled in excitable unison as they scurried around waiting to be bridesmaid to somebody, anybody! The male members in the ensemble all made fine sailors and later in the piece they were notable as Ruthven’s ancestors.

If you’re a fan of Gilbert & Sullivan’s works, I highly recommend you go and see this extraordinary company.

Book your tickets for the remaining performances of the various productions in the G & S Festival (in Harrogate), here

Photo Credits: Jane Stokes 


Iolanthe ~ Malvern Theatres

Star rating: ****

Gilbert & Sullivan’s Iolanthe landed at Malvern Theatres this week courtesy of the National Gilbert & Sullivan Opera Company and it was a joy to behold. In my previous experience, there aren’t many companies who do G & S like this talented ensemble do, Iolanthe is in safe hands with them that’s for sure.

Directed by Cav. Vivian J. Coates and choregraphed beautifully by Mary MacDonagh, it’s a picturesque rendition of the tongue-in-cheek tale of Fairies, Peers and a twenty-something shepherd who is half mortal and half fairy. Peppered with hilarious comedy, an extraordinary score and romance galore, it’s one of my favourite G & S shows.

The title refers to banished fairy, Iolanthe who was a favourite of the Queen of the Fairies but whom she was forced to send away when she married a mortal, namely the Lord Chancellor. Unbeknown to her Fairy family, Iolanthe conceived and gave birth to Strephon, half mortal and half fairy, and he is set to marry his sweetheart, Phyllis (who coincidentally happens to be ward of the Lord Chancellor) when Iolanthe is permitted to return to the realm. Phyllis is adored by the entire House of Lords. However, they have no means of turning the head of the young beauty until she suspects her love of two-timing her. A long explanation follows and the Queen of Fairies determines that the only way to resolve the situation which is complicated in the extreme, is to send Strephon to parliament, which is perhaps not the wisest solution. Overall it’s a tale of controversy and ultimately love punctuated with numerous musical numbers to narrate the action. ‘Tripping Hither, Tripping Thither’, ‘When I Went To The Bar’ and ‘Oh, Foolish Fay’ being just a few of my personal favourites.

It was no surprise to find Richard Gauntlett in the role of Lord Chancellor, he did it justice of course and coped brilliantly with the archetypal quick-paced numbers. Nicholas Sales was in fine voice as George, Earl of Mountarat and made a superb double act with Eddie Wade as Thomas, Earl Trolloller. Bradley Travis was an excellent choice for the role of Strephon, I was transfixed by his exceptional vocal ability and I enjoyed his duets with bride-to-be Phyllis (Rosanna Harris). Jennifer Parker was quite captivating in the title role of Iolanthe, I particularly enjoyed her scenes with the Lord Chancellor. Gaynor Keeble gave a flawless performance as Queen of the Fairies, her quirky inflections and stunning mezzo voice characterised the role perfectly. Her scenes with Private Willis (Matthew Siveter) were among many of my personal highlights as their comic timing shone through spectacularly. A mention must also go to Stephanie Poropat as Celia, one of the Fairies. From the moment she danced on, light on her feet and her sheer gentility, she drew my attention immediately.

The only area that the recent ENO’s production excelled in, in comparison to this rendition has to be in the costume department – and that’s to be expected in the nicest possible way. Certainly from a vocal, performance and overall production perspective, there’s little to choose between them. If you can see this show in Harrogate, I highly recommend you buy a ticket as fast as you can!

Book your tickets and check out tour dates for all of the productions from the exceptionally talented National Gilbert & Sullivan Opera Company, here:

The Krays: Dead Man Walking ~ Film Review

Star rating: ****

Inspired by true events, the shocking story of London’s most feared and notorious brothers Reggie and Ronnie Kray as they break Frank ‘The Mad Axeman’ Mitchell from Dartmoor Prison in December 1966.

With a cast chock-full of famous faces, this film promises to lead the viewer into a grisly past and with stellar performances, a gritty storyline and atmospheric locations – it does not disappoint.

The violently gripping tale takes place over a period of twelve days after Frank (Josh Myers) has been ‘released’ by the Krays, he’s under close surveillance from Albert Donoghue (Chris Ellison) and Lisa Prescott (Rita Simons), the latter is bait to keep the ‘madman’s’ temper under control but he’s losing patience due to the no-show from Ronnie (Nathanjohn Carter).

The film doesn’t concentrate on the Kray twins particularly, honing in on the character of Frank and giving opportunity for Rita Simons to showcase her extraordinary talent as she takes on the role of hostess keeping the escapee under control exceptionally. Carter as Ronnie with Marc Pickering as Reggie are believable and sinister as the lords of the underworld, each one stereotypical according to what we already know about their respective characters. I enjoyed the fact that the story didn’t revolve around them as the subtleties of their personas could be observed.

It’s not a period during the Krays’ reign that I have dwelled on before, therefore I found it a challenging and thought-provoking story and whilst factual it remained as entertaining as any first class crime drama. Although films of this brutal genre are not necessarily my usual choice, which may have clouded my view at certain intervals throughout the movie, as a piece of dramatic cinematography it’s a masterpiece.

Get hold of a copy on DVD or via 4Digital through Sony Pictures Home Entertainment:

42nd Street ~ Theatre Royal, Drury Lane

Star rating: ****

The glitzy, glittering, all singing all dancing spectacular continues to light up Theatre Royal Drury Lane as a new Dorothy Brock hails her arrival in glorious fashion.

Bonnie Langford has taken over the role of Brock, the legendary star who leaves the way clear for new talent when she sustains an injury which leaves her in a wheelchair. She plays opposite Clare Halse who has been playing the role of Peggy Sawyer since the show opened in April 2017.

Set in the 1930’s, 42nd Street is based around a show ‘Pretty Lady’ at the helm of which is Julian Marsh (Tom Lister) – the curtain opens on the casting call, as several male and female wannabe chorus-liners strut their stuff. Late to the party is Peggy Sawyer, who has travelled from Allentown to audition and has been hanging around at the stage door, terrified to go in. Having missed her chance, despite juvenile lead Billy Lawlor’s (Ashley Day) attempts to show her off after he takes a shine to her, it seems that her journey has been wasted. Dorothy Brock  is heading up the cast and although she can sing, dancing is not one of her talents, in spite of her star status. The story is one of luck changing on a sixpence, unfortunate events becoming the catalyst for better things and an unpredictable love story. Musical numbers include I Only Have Eyes For You, Go Into Your Dance, We’re In The Money, About A Quarter To Nine and Lullaby of Broadway. Classic musical theatre songs which may be familiar to many, even if they don’t readily associate them with 42nd Street.

Bonnie Langford was captivating and absolutely on point as Dorothy Brock. She’s been hoofing it since she was seven – the consummate professional, with decades of experience was really apparent. Clare Halse as Peggy was also exceptional. A well matched pair of leading ladies indeed. Tom Lister has a commanding presence as Julian Marsh, notable chemistry with Halse too.

You won’t be able to stop yourselves from tapping along to the music and lyrics from the extraordinary duo; Harry Warren and Al Dubin and Randy Skinner’s choreography is superb.

Catch the show while you can and book your tickets here to meet those dancing feet:



Seven Spectacular Family Shows to see this Autumn in the West End *Guest Post from TickX*

Our impressively sunshiny-summer has come to an end, meaning it’s time for families to head back to the office and back to school. Luckily, London’s theatre playground has a whole host of family shows to cheer up the Autumnal months, featuring well known classics and one-off specials. Whether it’s a midweek treat or a weekend adventure, head to the West End this Autumn with our sizzling pick of shows to see with the kids.

1. Matilda

The Roald Dahl classic gained its second wave of fame with the movie release in 1996. It was then reimagined as a stage adaptation by Dennis Kelly and Tim Minchin and premiered at the Cambridge Theatre in 2011. The musical version of the gifted girl brings to life all the memorable characters before your very eyes; the vain and fraudulent Wormwoods , the adorable Miss Honey and the terrifying Miss Trunchbull, with a brand new cast set for September 2018. After scooping up a record number of Olivier Awards for a musical and receiving wide critical acclaim, Matilda the Musical is beloved by audiences of all ages.

The show is running at the Cambridge Theatre until October 19th, set to welcome its eighth million spectator after a stellar run in the West End. With magic and madness, Matilda is the perfect mid-week treat to get you to the weekend, and will now be showing at an earlier time of 7pm on weekdays to better accommodate families.

2. Lion King

It feels like this show has been around for a long time – and it’s simply because it really is that good. Similarly to the Disney film released in 1994, the award-winning musical pulls on heartstrings as it tells the tale of lion cub Simba and his quest to overthrow his uncle to become the rightful king of the pridelands. Set against the backdrop of the Serengeti Plains, the rhythmic African music and sing-a-long lyrics created by Sir Elton John and Tim Rice for the movie are brought to live in the evocative live score, while the colourful creative costumes are nothing but impressive. Children and adults alike will be immersed into the world of the Lion King, as characters such as Zazu, Timon and Pumba, Rafiki, the hyenas and more are played out on stage in a novel approach to children’s theatre.

The epic musical more than justifies its extensive run at the Lyceum Theatre. As the cool weather creeps in this Autumn, the Lion King guarantees to warm your soul.


3. Aladdin

Alternatively, swap African plains for Arabian nights and head to the Prince Edward Theatre for an enchanting magic carpet ride. Aladdin is another example of a Disney classic creatively remastered for stage, bringing all the best elements from the 1992 film to life as never before imagined. While some reviews have suggested the musical is a panto-in-disguise, there has been no doubt that the spectacular sets, special effects and jewel-encrusted costumes translate the magic of Agrabah to stage.

Furthermore, young children will be captivated by the larger than life characters such as The Genie, while the elder among us will revel in the plot’s synonymity with the Disney animation. Plus, any show that features hits such as ‘A Whole New World’ and ‘Friend Like Me’ is certainly worth its salt. The exotic escape is the perfect way to tackle the beginning of the new school year and the end of summer, uniting radiant colours, a golden lamp and youthful nostalgia to transport you away.


4. School of Rock

Nothing cheers kids up for going back to school than the School of Rock. This musical offers something a little more grown up than the likes of Disney, but is still very geared towards families and children aged eight and over. Based upon the 2003 movie starring Jack Black, School of Rock the Musical follows struggling and unemployed rock guitarist Dewey Finn as he poses as a substitute teacher to make some money. Finn realises his students are musically-talented, and so sets forth in spawning a school rock band who are to compete in the Battle of the Bands. The fun and rebellious West End production features music by theatre royalty, Andrew Lloyd Webber, combining songs from the film and new original numbers. Undoubtedly, the best part of School of Rock is the pocket-sized talent on stage, where the child cast can really rock out and impress audiences.


5. Wicked

The prequel to the ‘Wizard of Oz’ has become a global sensation. It follows two protagonists; Elphaba and Glinda, who grow up to become the Wicked Witch of the West and the Good Witch of the South. From their perspective, we learn what lead them into their distinguished roles, cultivating a story of friendship and rivalry, love and betrayal and importantly, Elphaba’s lapse into ‘wickedness’. Children will fall in love with the beautiful score created by Academy-award winning Stephen Schwartz while adults will cherish it’s associations to the 1939 classic starring Judy Garland as ‘Dorothy Gale’.

This Autumn, the gravity-defying musical will be celebrating a whopping 12 years in the West End, after surpassing its landmark 5000th performance at the Apollo Victoria Theatre last month. It has gained such uniform approval that there have even been talks of making it into a movie – just be sure to see it on stage first.


6. Paddington in concert

On Sunday 14th October, the Peruvian bear will commemorate its 60th anniversary with a live 60-piece orchestral accompaniment to the 2014 film ‘Paddington’. George Jackson will be commanding The Novello Orchestra with Nick Urata’s cheerful score, inducing the perfect introduction for young children to classical music. Moreover, the cute and charming film inspired by Michael Bond’s children’s books won the hearts of adults too, making it a great afternoon out for all the family. Hollywood stars Julie Walters and Nicole Kidman contribute to the film’s star-studded cast, while Ben Whishaw provides the voice for Paddington. It received plenty of praise and critical acclaim, founded upon its ability to transform a treasured classic into a modern movie with appeal for today’s kids.

The production is a one-off event set just before the busy half term. It promises to entertain and charm at the Theatre Royal, and even feature guest stars Nick Urata and Paddington!


  1. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Enter a world of spells and sorcery this Autumn with the eighth installment of the wizardly-wonderful Harry Potter series by JK Rowling presented on stage. It famously secured the most Olivier Awards for a play despite only opening in 2016, and has been described as a ‘triumph’ (The Daily Telegraph) and ‘magical experience’ (London Evening Standard). The creatives behind Parts 1 and 2 of the Cursed Child include multiple award winning Jack Thorne and John Tiffany, responsible for writing and directing the play respectively, worked closely with Rowling to ensure the stage adaptation is as spellbinding and captivating as the book. It tells the tale of Harry Potter, 19 years on, tackling demons from his past. Similarly to the literary saga, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child live has proven popular across generations, with audiences of all ages leaving the Palace Theatre in awe.

Written by Aminah Barnes on behalf of TickX, a ticket search engine comparing events such as theatre, gigs and club nights across the UK.


Entertainment Views Interviews: Star of Evita, Lucy O’Byrne

Musical Theatre Star, Lucy O’Byrne first appeared on my radar when she appeared on The Voice in 2015 and made it to the final under the mentorship of renowned coach I’ve watched her as Maria in The Sound of Music and now she’s setting the stage alight as Eva Peron in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s classic ‘Evita’. I saw the show in Malvern and in my humble opinion, O’Byrne is giving Elaine Paige a run for her money. I chatted to Lucy about the show, the challenges of such an iconic role and her favourite musical numbers in the score.

Thank for chatting to Entertainment Views, Lucy – may I congratulate you on an amazing performance as Eva. First of all, how familiar were you with Evita before you took the role? 

I played the role in college, so I learned it then and I grew up listening to the soundtrack with my dad singing along to a lot of the songs, it was like the soundtrack of my childhood. I remember seeing the movie, although I wasn’t allowed to see it when it first came out, I wasn’t old enough to watch it at the cinema so I remember watching it later on video when my parents bought it. It just has such fantastic music. It has four of my favourite songs in it.

What are your four favourite songs? 

‘High Flying Adored’, ‘You Must Love Me’, ‘The Lament’ and ‘Rainbow High’.

My favourite song from the show is Rainbow High…

Yes it’s a lot of fun to perform, Bill Deamer’s staging and choreography makes it so much fun. It’s a bit of a power trip in a weird way, just listening to it gives you an empowered feeling because it’s Eva at her strongest. That song is her saying “I know I’m this good just watch me”.

What do you feel are the challenges of the role?

It’s relentless from the moment you walk on the stage until the very end, I pretty much sing everything in the show, I’m in every number. The show spans about eighteen years and it’s the journey she goes on all the way from her as a teenager to her dying at the end, along the way you see her at the height of her power – the character has incredible energy all the way through which she holds onto even at the end. It’s quite emotionally, physically and mentally draining and there are times for example during a warm up for a matinee where you think “I’m not going to get through this” then you get to the number ‘Buenos Aires’ and the energy surrounds you.

What other roles would you like to play in the future? 

There’s so many, I’ve been incredibly lucky so far, I’ve ticked off three of my bucket list roles in quite a short space of time. I’ve got a long, long list that I’m working away at.

I first saw you when you appeared on The Voice, did you always feel that a theatrical path would be the one for you or did you have something else in mind?

No, I always had theatre in mind, my family are all involved in theatre my dad is an actor and singer, he’s now a musical director. My mum was an actor and dancer and she now has her own stage school. We grew up around it, it was never really a choice that I remember making. My dad said to me “get a real job” but I think we all knew which way it was going to go!

Finally, what would you say to encourage people to come and see the show?

I think it’s worth a watch, I’ve always enjoyed watching the show myself, I have a ball doing it and everybody I’ve spoken to so far who’s seen the show has enjoyed it.  It’s a great story and what’s amazing about it is that it’s a true story. It’s the ultimate rags to riches, it’s the story of a strong woman, a woman who knew what she was about. It’s got some of the best show tunes ever written and some of the best melodies ever written as well.

Evita arrives in Coventry tomorrow at the Belgrade Theatre before continuing an extensive UK tour, book your tickets here

Check out Entertainment Views’ review of the show here:

Downton Abbey Movie ~ Is It Too Late?

I’m a self-confessed fan of the popular ITV series Downton Abbey, to the point of fan-girling, checking out the fandom activity and feeling fairly bereft when the Abbey closed its doors at Christmas back in 2015. News of a movie to enable Downton’s enthusiastic following to take another peek into the upstairs and downstairs goings on was met excitedly, by me and by fellow fans of the Fellowes drama.

However, as the years have rolled by with (from what we mere members of the public could tell) not so much as a sniff of a script and longstanding cast members almost continuously cagey when asked questions about a possible movie by the media, the question mark over the potential movie hovered precariously. As a blogger who predominantly covers theatre I was delighted to discover so many of my favourite actors from the drama series treading the boards. Phyllis Logan toured with Noel Coward’s ‘Present Laughter’ which in turn offered a superb opportunity I might not otherwise have had.  I took a trip to Chiswick to carry out an interview and enjoyed coffee and croissants with Ms Logan while I was at it, she’s an actor who has been high on my radar since she played Lady Jane in Lovejoy. Her colleague, Lesley Nicol opened my eyes to fantastic and extremely worthy charities, so I was over the moon (bears!) to interview her for my blog, too. With the vast majority of the show’s famous faces being kept busy in various ‘jobs’ (just check out the credits that Lily James who played Lady Rose has wracked up!) the movie seemed a distant and not so urgent thought.

Phyllis Logan appeared in the UK tour of Noel Coward’s Present Laughter in 2016.

When the announcement of impending filming broke, not so long ago, and just over 2 1/2 years after the festive finale, my initial reaction wasn’t to jump for joy. What year are they planning on setting it in was top of my list of queries. Are we picking up straight after their new year celebrations therefore following Mr Carson’s (Jim Carter) journey of enforced retirement or will we pick it up long after life has changed for Downton’s inhabitants? I’m the first to admit that my over-active imagination already sees the Carsons living a different life and has Mrs Patmore paired off with widowed hanger-on, Mr Mason (Paul Copley).

With the Downton Abbey film’s release date now set for 20th September 2019, my humble opinion of a movie following long after momentum has been lost has shifted. I think it was the Instagram post from Michelle Dockery (the ever-popular Lady Mary – follow her: to check out the post I’m referring to) that not only cemented in my mind that this IS happening, but also transported me back to the good old days when social media buzzed with anticipation of the next series of Downton Abbey. I recalled the Duchess of Cambridge visiting the set while the final series was in production, the excitement surrounding that was palpable. So maybe regaining some of that old Downton Abbey-inspired joy will be just the ticket for 2019?

One thing’s for sure, I’ve moved from sceptic to eagerly awaiting and hope beyond hope that Fellowes won’t let us down! In fact, I have one plea to make – do what you will with all of the characters but please let Mrs Patmore be happy!! Back in the day I would have begged for Lady Edith’s (Laura Carmichael) happiness, however unless a curve ball is coming our way, it seems that her future was looking rosy by the time we bid au revoir to the Crawley family.

Bring on 20th September 2019, then…


Photo Credits: ITV & Nobby Clark 


Press Release: BRICKLIVE ~ NEC, Birmingham

BRICKLIVE comes to NEC Birmingham from 1st – 4th November…

BRICKLIVE is Built by LEGO® fans and is a celebration of everything in the LEGO® universe! New for 2018 we have Mythical Beasts with over fifty models and interactive experiences, bringing the fascinating world of creatures from mythology to life using LEGO® bricks.

Returning favourites are: Warrior Bots, a Star Wars themed Build Zone, Stage Shows, Dance Parties, Minecraft, Fairy Bricks, Duplo® Build Zone, BRICK Pits, Chill Out Zone, BRICK Lane and so much more! BRICKLIVE is the ultimate day out for all to enjoy.

Buy your tickets and find out more about this extraordinary event here:

Coventry Comic Con 2018

Star rating: *****

Comic Con, a staple part of my geekery diet which must be dosed up on regularly – last year our team were delighted that a new convention popped up in Coventry and we were so impressed that we made damn sure that their 2018 sequel was in the diary. We were not disappointed, Coventry Comic Con has got it all – here are a few of the many positives:

  • Well organised – the organisation is top notch, this con has been well though out and the planning that must have gone into making it as successful as it undoubtedly was is evident. From the car parking stewards, to the security to the box office staff, everybody does a seamless job in helping us fans have a great time. No complaints from us!
  • Easily accessible – the event itself is very easily accessible, with the stalls, guests, attractions and talks all on the ground level. Likewise the facilities are also at ground level making this ideal for any fans who may have a disability. Fun for everybody, quite literally – that’s a massive double thumbs up.
  • Expanding each year – in comparison to its debut year, the growth and expansion is clear. From the larger variety of stalls and artists introduced to the additional space used to house the event which was also utilised for the guest talks. The layout was ideal and it’s fantastic to see the convention already going from strength to strength. Bigger and better again next year? Let’s do it!
  • Stalls offering affordable collectables – the number of stalls offering budget collectables made such a refreshing change. Often many of us save up for an event like this in case there’s a tempting item or two. However, if like us, your four year old has spent your pennies over the school holidays, there’s still plenty of merchandise available at affordable prices. Many pocket money options too which is superb for the four year old who’s gleefully continuing to spend the money you don’t have…
  • Cosplay galore – the number of extraordinary cosplayers on the loose appeared to have increased since the previous year. The grounds of the venue offer opportunities for cosplayers to have professional photographs taken too. The details that goes into the costumes is eye-catching in the extreme. Of course a convention isn’t a convention without a few Stormtroopers on hand and a flossing Chewbacca!
  • Plenty of space to walkabout (and run, skip, meaner about) in – is you’re easily claustrophobic, the amount of space left between stalls and attractions allows room to breathe. It’s notable how easy it is to have a proper look at the merchandise and the displays. Definitely a big plus and one of the top features that Coventry Comic Con has going for it. All the more room t floss in!!
  • Reasonably priced refreshments available – the refreshments available are at affordable prices too, so you don’t need to make a decision between the action figure and having a burger, you can have both! The staff who runs the facility are efficient and the food is delicious too. Big thumbs up to the best Comic Con catering!
  • A room to ‘chill out’ in – although we didn’t make use of it, we heard that there was a room to take a break in and that in itself is a genius idea. It can be an overwhelming experience to be in the hub-bub of a Comic Con, especially if it’s your first. This initiative should be adopted comic con-wide. It could be used as a time out room for cheeky Stormtroopers too…
  • Free retro arcade games – we all made use of these, a quick game of Street Fighter and even on Fix It Felix didn’t go amiss and was a welcome break from walking, looking and daydreaming over what we’d buy if money was no object. Making it a free area for everyone to enjoy was a bonus. We love a bonus!
  • Guest stars – the Guest Stars meeting and greeting fans appeared relaxed, with the volunteers looking after them well and plenty of chances for the Stars to chat with fans. A nice, easy approach was taken and surely that means repeat visits from the amazing Stars the convention attracted?
  • A friendly team – the overall atmosphere of Coventry Comic Con was spot on, all members of the crew should be commended on their approachable manner and thanks to all who gave our boy a bit of a boost by showing love for his Porg tee!

We’re only sorry that Coventry Comic Con is an annual event, every six months would be great thanks! Highly recommended by all three of us, it’s a good convention to take the small fans to, particularly if they’ve not explored the world of Comic Con before. Where else might you meet a baby dinosaur beside the rogue carousel horse of Mary Poppins fame? This event is not so large scale that you would worry that you’ve missed anything and it’s become one of the highlights of our yearly calendar of geekery!

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