Requiem, Episode Two ~ Review

Having just about managed to emerge from behind the sofa following BBC One’s Requiem’s premiere last week, I find myself back behind it again! Although various facts are revealing themselves with is slightly deterring from the supernatural elements and causing my curious mind to wonder if there’s more of a psychological illusion happening here. Regardless, I was as gripped as I was during week one and I have a feeling it’s set to have me fleeing to hide again before the series finale. Here’s an update from episode two:


Carys’ s mother Rose becomes more of a focal point in this instalment and we see the post traumatic stress disorder associated with the trauma of losing her daughter. From standing on the edge of a cliff having a crafty cigarette – to fighting with her husband, informing him he can break her arm. As I said last week, Claire Rushbrook has been well cast in this role, if anyone knows how to tug at the heartstrings it’s her. I can’t wait to see how she handles the reality of the situation as it unfolds. This storyline is in very capable hands. Exciting!

School Flashback

We had a glimpse of Matilda as a child (played by Bella Ramsey) at a well-to-do school (with her cello at her feet) and she’s no angel by the look of the situation. In fact her mum (Joanna Scanlan – I was overjoyed to see her again after her short-lived appearance last week) is not only displeased with her, she’s also fending off questions about Matilda’s father. I hope there’s more flashbacks to come, not only to see the phenomenal Joanna Scanlan, but also because in this series they’re building the back-story beautifully.

Booty call

It was only a matter of time before Matilda (Lydia Wilson) and the Aussie, Nick (James Frecheville) are tumbling into bed together! the chemistry was there from the start, however I was left wondering if this development would throw Nick into the path of whoever/whatever is getting into the heads of those close to Matilda. Time will tell…

Musical mayhem

Matilda hasn’t played her cello since the concert of doom, and let’s face it – who would? The last thing on anyone’s mind would be to practice the cello after their mother has sliced her own throat open in front of you! Lightening the mood aside, as soon as Matilda is reunited with the instrument a chain of events is unearthed. From a dead bird crashing against the window to finding more symbols like the one that was seemingly drawn by an invisible someone while she was in the shower, which was one of many moments that had me jumping out of my seat and seeking solace behind the sofa again! Plus the man in the woods also made himself known which added more mystery to the story.


When Matilda took it upon herself to see David Morgan (Brochan Evans) at school and announce herself as his sister, unsurprisingly his father (Richard Harrington) was unimpressed and tried to stop the interaction. However, this one isn’t going to lie.

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