Casualty Series 32, Episode 6 ~ Review

Another storming episode of Casualty with Connie taking centre stage yet again and the return of Duffy to our screens, which was a welcome sight! Plus there’s Charlie and Josh still making a motley pairing! Here are a few highlights:

Josh Griffiths (IAN BLEASDALE), Charlie Fairhead (DEREK THOMPSON) – (C) BBC – Photographer: Alistair Heap

Painting the town red ~ Charlie and Josh have been out painting the town, as a result Charlie is nursing the hangover from hell and Josh is feeling rather smug as he chirpily goes about his business! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, these two are a dream team pairing, Thompson and Bleasdale are a much-needed double act. I love their banter and the cheeky way they set one another up. More of that please…

Dylan’s dilemma ~ Dylan is on the horns of another dilemma, it seems. This time he’s desperately seeking the right computer game to purchase for his young ward. What follows is Max revealing all his knowledge of super heroes, a hilarious scene which really demonstrated great chemistry between the team.

Elle Gardner (JAYE GRIFFITHS), Marty (ROGER GRIFFITHS) – (C) BBC – Photographer: Alistair Heap

Cupid draw back your knife ~ Alicia has been on a mission to find Elle a man, and the arrival of a patient with a protruding knife and her rather good-looking father provides much occasion for ‘nudge nudge wink wink’. Elle is certainly not against the idea – however Connie is soon set to put the mockers on it. All hail the Ice Queen! Although Elle is not a woman to be trifled with…

Heart to Heart ~ Connie has been exhibiting some worrying symptoms and a scan at the beginning of the episode caused heightened need for alarm. Spending the remainder of the instalment sniping is nothing unusual for Connie, however the panic was evident. When she showed her scans to her new ‘friend’ Ethan, he hit the nail on the head with his prognosis in relation to a potential malignant heart tumour. Just what is Connie facing? Can Ethan help?

Duffy’s Back ~ Yes, Duffy is back on our screens for the first time since her glorious performance in the one-shot. Just in the nick of time too as Charlie is eternally grateful for her white lie when Josh is determined to drag his old friend out for hair of the dog. All the Chuffy fans were delighted too, to hear Charlie declare “Duffy Fairhead I couldn’t love you more!” – all together now… awwww!


Role Contributor
Connie Beauchamp Amanda Mealing
Elle Gardner Jaye Griffiths
Ethan Hardy George Rainsford
Alicia Munroe Chelsea Halfpenny
Charlie Fairhead Derek Thompson
Max Walker Jamie Davis
Louise Tyler Azuka Oforka
Noel Garcia Tony Marshall
Dylan Keogh William Beck
Lisa ‘Duffy’ Duffin Cathy Shipton
David Hide Jason Durr
Lily Chao Crystal Yu
Kayleigh Marshall Amy Lennox
Carole Marshall Ellie Haddington
Rhys Eveson Cai Brigden
Mason Marshall Rupert Cunningham-Day
Marty Williams Roger Griffiths
Daisy Williams Mollie Lambert
Josh Griffiths Ian Bleasdale
Simon Feathering Nicholas Boulton
Writer Oliver Frampton
Producer Ciara McIlvenny
Director Paul Riordan

Casualty ‘One’ ~ Episode Review

Oh my! What a series finale for Casualty, and what an incredible year they’ve had! The National Television Award win, all of the amazing storylines that have rolled out as the series has progressed. Many plots carried over week to week giving even more reason to keep tuning in. Tonight, history was made and I couldn’t be prouder of website Patron, Cath Shipton – for leading the pack as they took a brave step. Here are just a few highlights from an episode I shall remember for a long time to come…

Duffy ~ Well, Cath gave one of the performances  of her career didn’t she? As the hub of the activity, the responsibility for the episode lay on her shoulder. She shouldered it brilliantly, the natural ease with which she appeared to take the helm was quite something. I feel that this history making episode will always be associated with Cath, and that’s quite an accolade.

Work Experience ~ The work experience girls were a fantastic addition to the chaos, they fitted in brilliantly and speaking personally as one who worked for the NHS and has taken charge of students, the opposite behaviours of the pair were on point. What I especially loved was how much Duffy inspired them both. Will we see then as trainee nurses in the future? I hope so!

Picture Shows: Jez Andrews (LLOYD EVERITT) – (C) BBC – Photographer: Adrian Heap

Jez ~ Jez loses his cool as he realises that a patient he has pulled from a burning building has left a baby behind in there and he hasn’t the opportunity to go in after her. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the paramedic so in-glued and I feel that recent events have taken their toll on him. Well played by Lloyd Everitt who knocked his performance out of the park in extreme circumstances.

Trouble in Triage ~ Missing a Receptionist? No problem? Wrong! The lack of Noel means that triage is not in hunky dory order and a patient is put at risk as a result. A good reminder of how all members of the team in a hospital environment (or indeed any working environment) are integral cogs.

Picture Shows: David Hide (JASON DURR), Di (JENNY PLATT), Alicia Munroe (CHELSEA HALFPENNY) – (C) BBC – Photographer: Adrian Heap

One Shot ~ Finally, congratulations on the entire team on pulling off no mean feat as a finale de force. It was very clear that the episode had been filmed in one take and therefore gave a different feel, ambience and atmosphere to the overall show. A gamble that paid off, undoubtedly!

Casualty Episode Cast


Casualty ‘Somewhere Between The Silences – Part 2’ ~ Episode Review

Well, well, well – Ethan certainly took revenge to a whole new level in Saturday night’s episode didn’t he? I could almost see that end coming, and then convinced myself that Ethan wouldn’t have it in him – but he did! Here are the highlights while I try to come terms with what the young doctor has done!

Picture Shows: Mickey Ellisson (MITCH HEWER), Denise Ellisson (LUCY BENJAMIN) – (C) BBC – Photographer: Screen Grab

….murdered by his brother? ~ We picked up from where we left off, with Scott lying on the floor not looking too clever after his brother had accidentally ‘thrown’ him over the railings on the upper floor. It’s all hands to the pumps, of course as the wounds are assessed and Scott has certainly survived the fall thus far…

Ethan’s dilemma ~ Ethan is in turmoil when he discovers the situation – he’s out for revenge for Cal, so here is an opportunity to take it. However, professionalism takes over, to start with at least.

On the mend ~ Some good news in an otherwise grim episode, Grace is on the mend and demonstrates the benefits of her physio to Charlie! Connie is also delighted of course and it seems that her relationship with her daughter has also healed. Connie’s offer for Grace to move back home is met with a big smile. Happy days! Although it’s not all plain sailing and by the close of ‘play’ Grace has come to terms with the fact that her mum is always going to be busy. The gal’s growing up!

David’s date ~ Noel and Grace play a trick on David, he’s still mooning after a love life and a series of text messages lead him to believe he’s got a date… until the pesky pair’s meddling is uncovered!

Pay-back ~ Scott is still waiting for a full assessment of the injurie he’s sustained – he signs his own death warrant by admitting it was he who murdered Cal, but tries to convince Ethan that he brought it on himself. Not really the best way of going about things. So, when Scott starts to choke, what does Ethan do? Leaves the room. Revenge might not be so sweet, though….

Full cast list can be found here:

Casualty Episode Cast

Casualty ‘Somewhere Between The Silences – Part 1’ ~ Episode Review

Wow, I’m still reeling from last Saturday’s Casualty episode! What an ending, I did not see that coming and what the after-math will be? Who knows, I need to know now, though! Here are a few highlights while I wait in nervous anticipation…

Jez (LLOYD EVERITT), Mickey Ellison (MITCH HEWER) – (C) BBC – Photographer: Alistair Heap

Connie & Sam ~ Connie’s very quick to put Sam back in his place about their hanky panky in the cupboard the previous week. I’m sure for shippers of the pair, that has come as a disappointment – however, with Mr Chambers returning to the stage, I fear Sam won’t be around for much longer.

Speed Dating ~ This was simply hilarious, Dylan’s part in it in particular! His dismissiveness and pointed comments made my night, is it me or does his character just get better? He’s like the unintentional comedian of the show.

Ruthless Ethan ~ Ethan was less than impressed to see the Ellisson family back in the ED and his feud with Scott is far from over, rightly so as he is his brother’s killer after all! Ethan knows that Scott’s brother Mickey is having a relationship with Jez, of course… so he sows a seed.

Jez in danger ~ Ethan’s revelation to Scott causes repercussions, naturally! Meaning that Jez and Mickey find themselves on the other end of his wrath and his knife. It doesn’t look promising until…

An accident? ~ So, Scott comes a cropper when he is intending to harm Jez – the episode ended on the murderer falling from the upper floor and landing on the ground floor below. There’s blood, of course, so is this the end? Has it literally been the case of an eye for an eye? I can’t wait to find out!

Full Cast:

Casualty Cast

Casualty ‘Man Up’ ~ Episode Review

Oh my word this episode had it all! Passion, trauma, drama, hurt – all in just a solitary instalment! I’m still catching my breath… here are a few highlights:

Ethan Hardy (GEORGE RAINSFORD), Alicia Monroe (CHELSEA HALFPENNY) – (C) BBC – Photographer: Alistair Heap

Doctor Love ~ Dylan’s looking at internet dating due to David’s unsubtly mentioning the subject! Checking out a very expensive dating website puts Dylan right off, but David has found another route to try looking for love… this storyline could run and get even more amusing! I find it even funnier when it involves Dylan.

Chuffy ~ For all the Chuffy fans out there (Charlie and Duffy, in case you’re unfamiliar with ‘shipping’) that was a lovely little moment they shared while watching the wedding of one of their patients, wasn’t it? Bless them, a very natural pairing who should have got together years ago, in my humble opinion…

Super-Sam ~ Super-Sam steps in and over-steps the mark yet again when a patient has a suspected rare parasite. He hands another opportunity on a plate to Connie as she is forced to reprimand her ex (I think she enjoys it… see next highlight!) and Sam’s argument is that he saved a patient. Although Connie is quick to remind him that he hasn’t necessarily saved her yet. I have to agree with Connie, Sam is arrogant, I’m not sure if I like him or not but it’s never boring with him around.

Connie and Sam ~ CONNIE AND SAM! This is not a drill…. but probably a one-off if I know Connie, she’s bound to put a stop to it. Or will she? Do the mismatched pair belong together? Plus Connie has made some progress with Grace after taking her to her physio appointment – so is it happy families time? Time will tell and we’ll no doubt be left in limbo!

Ethan and Alicia ~ Another couple featured heavily, as Ethan is still hell-bent on bringing his brother’s murderer to justice and Alicia declares that she can’t stay by his side while he goes off on the rampage (I paraphrase!). So Ethan walks off alone – very poignant. Plus it’s so palpable how much Cal is missed, his ghost still haunts Holby ED that’s for sure.

Episode Cast List here: Casualty ‘Man Up’ Cast List

Spotlight On… Casualty’s ‘Duffy’ ~ Cath Shipton

Here at Break A Leg, we’re never happier than when Cath Shipton (AKA Duffy from Casualty) allows us to put the spotlight on her! As you may know, she finished filming a special one-shot episode back in April, so Break A Leg asked her all about the experience:

Picture Shows: Director (JON SEN) – (C) BBC – Photographer: Alistair Heap

Thank you for talking to Break A Leg, the episode that you’ve just finished filming is the special one-shot episode which we’re eagerly anticipating, what are you able to tell me about it?

Well, we got it! We did it and I’m still in a state of numb disbelief and excitement that we managed to achieve what we have achieved. It’s been about a year in the planning and to celebrate the 30th year they were looking for something that hadn’t been done before in terms of continuing drama. Obviously the natural thing to go towards is a live episode and that had to be discounted from the off because they didn’t feel that Casualty could serve the audience by doing that and putting that kind of pressure on the production. There was a lot of publicity around Victoria, the one-shot film and that piqued Paul Unwin’s imagination. I met him last September and he said he was looking into writing a one-shot and we just thought it was a joke. We couldn’t see how it could physically be done without changing the dynamic of the show.

When did you have an inclination that Duffy would be an important part of it?

At the National Television Awards Erika Hossington let slip that I was a major player.

What does the storyline focus on?

It’s set during one hour in the emergency department and the reason we’re seeing this is because there are two seventeen year old girls who are thinking of going into the medical profession, either as doctors or nurses, they’re not sure what they want to do. They’ve never spent any time in an Emergency Department so they’ve come in as observers for one hour. One of them is quite ‘up herself’ and says “mummy thinks I could be a Consultant” and the other one is very nervous and anxious about being in a hospital. She finds the whole thing too much. They as characters have a complete turn around – the confident one gets take down a peg or two and the other one finds her feet, doesn’t want to leave and Duffy notices that.

What made this episode special for you?

One of the reasons I’m so proud about this particular episode is that Paul Unwin set this up with Jeremy Brock and produced by Geraint Morris – and Geraint’s vision for it was that it was the nurses who were at the frontline, it was called ‘Frontline’ for a while as a working title. He said it’s the nurses who soak up after the doctors have made their diagnosis, the nurses not only do the medical side but also the social and psychological stuff, it’s wrap around. This episode puts a nurse, Duffy, bang in the centre. She takes these girls to every department, sometimes she has to deposit them on the side while she does something medical and they wander off or one of them over-hears something and gossips then Duffy has to mop that up. The episode is so well constructed, it really made sense when I read the script. Once the story starts we are living it in real time.

How long did you have to rehearse?

We had two weeks to fully rehearse before committing it to camera.

What were you most fearful of?

Without a doubt those brain freeze moments, it feels like three and a half hours, I’ve had them on stage before – in reality it’s probably a nano-second of time. I didn’t want to lose concentration and for the tape to have to stop because I’ve mucked up. I apologised up front to everyone for calling them their character name on and off set, but it helped me, I had to do that.

So finally, would you do it again?

I woke up the next day wanting to do it again, I still had the energy!

Thanks to Cath for another wonderful interview, I can’t wait to see this episode, watch out for it, everyone!

Featured image photograph courtesy of Cath Shipton. (Photo shows: Chloe – Kassius Nelson, Diamond – Georgia Sandle with Cath)

Casualty ‘War of the Roses’ ~ Episode Review

So Sam is back in scrubs and throwing his weight around in a junior role! An interesting episode of Casualty which sees the team divided over Sam’s self-appointed demotion. Plus there’s Connie’s reaction to it all, here are some highlights:

Picture Shows: Helen Crompton (JODIE MCGREGOR), Iain Dean (MICHAEL STEVENSON) – (C) BBC – Photographer: Alistair Heap

Love’s young dream ~ Iain and Lily are still not seeing eye to eye – understatement of the episode! Is this really going to be as short lived as it seems? I’m waiting for Gem to come back so that she can make them see that they’re made for each other – but I fear I’m wandering off into territory that is most definitely wishful thinking. The sniping, the sexual tension, it’s all still there, brooding away!

Self-demotion ~ Sam’s decision to step down as Medical Director and take the Registrar’s post has been viewed as controversial to say the least! He’s soon put to the test when he offers to take Elle’s place and attend a scene where there’s a potential life-changing injury hanging in the balance for a man who later turns out to be a bigamist. Naturally he’s the hero of the hour, but he also runs the risk of losing his job if Connie sees fit to send a letter regarding his conduct.

Divided Opinion ~ Sam’s self-demotion has set tongues wagging amongst the department and also divided opinion too. Jacob and Louise think he’s showy and digging his own grave, Duffy thinks he’s wonderful and can’t praise him highly enough! How will he fit in, in the long-term?

Dylan ~ Losing his colleague, Cal, has taken its toll on Dylan and the pressure has been mounting for weeks. It finally breaks free in this episode and a panic attack sets in while he is dealing with a patient. He is unable to reach a decision about her condition and absconds to the toilets when the going gets tough, leaving David to handle a dicey situation and Elle to step in quickly. Was that the overall culmination of Dylan’s demons or is there more to come?

Teamwork ~ I couldn’t not comment on the teamwork demonstrated by Connie and Duffy, what a team! They delivered a baby in not so easy circumstances and it’s one of the few times that we’ve seen the characters interact fully. I liked it!

Casualty Cast Link

Casualty ‘It Had To Be You’ ~ Episode Review

An episode filled with romantic and frustrating undertones from among the regulars and the guest roles! Here are some highlight from a dramatic and emotive instalment:

Darren Tailor (SAM BARNARD) – (C) BBC – Photographer: Alistair Heap

Interviews ~ It’s interview day for the Consultant’s post and Elle is swatting, Dylan doesn’t feel it necessary to go into details (when does he ever?!) and Lily’s presence in the hot seat is a surprise to Connie. However, the results could be more interesting than first thought!

Love hurts ~ Lily and Iain finally got it on in spectacular fashion last week, but their relationship seems doomed from the start as the cracks begin to show just hours after they were in bed together. Can opposites really attract?

Ethan ~ The bereaved brother is still moping and in limbo, I’m wondering how long it will be before the killer who the audience all know, is brought to justice. I’m expecting a showdown, I hope its soon!

Connie vs Sam ~ Connie is soon strutting about and throwing her weight around again, interrupting Lily’s interview and making her disapproval known to Sam. It looks as though her ex is still into playing games when she walks in on him naked from the waist up. Would they ever rekindle their long lost romance and what will she say when she discovers that Sam has handed in his resignation as Medical Director?

Duffy ~ I want to give Duffy a mention in this ‘highlight’ as I really felt that every side of her character was captured in this episode. We saw her admit that she had married her best friend (awww!), show compassion in abundance and she was as efficient as ever. What ever did Holby City do without her?

Casualty Episode Cast List

Casualty ‘Do Not Sit At My Grave And Weep’ ~ Episode Review

This week’s episode has been anticipated since the fateful moment that a much-loved character was murdered – Cal (Richard Winsor) is finally laid to rest in ultimately touching scenes. Here are a few highlights:

Picture Shows: Ethan Hardy (GEORGE RAINSFORD) – (C) BBC – Photographer: Alistair Heap

Dylan under pressure ~ Dylan is still finding it tough to come to terms with Cal’s death – although he was on fire tonight with his quips and one-liners. His ‘run-in’ with Ethan was very telling though, simultaneously it was understandable that he wanted to save Ethan from the knowledge that his brother had been aware of the severity of his situation.

David ~ David has been off the radar since Robyn’s baby arrived in dramatic and traumatic scenes. However, tonight we saw him on shift and being rather tactless. When his conversation with Dylan indicated that he is still struggling with the drugs he’s taking… I felt there will be more to come from this plot, which is quite a factually accurate way of moving forward considering his condition.

Ethan says goodbye ~ Having dealt very well with a young patient who was unwittingly being treated for HIV, Ethan packs up the bag filled with his farewell ‘gifts’ for Cal and arrives at the church for the funeral. Before he can go in and see it through, he vomits following his binge on a bottle of Whiskey – nice one Ethan! His tribute and idea of packing a bag to see his brother on his way was extremely touching and fitting. Re-visiting his young patient afterwards and mentioning his own Huntington’s Disease diagnosis was a brave move. However, spotting Cal’s murderer lurking at the cemetery was not how I had envisaged the episode would end. Is Ethan going to bring him to justice?

Charlie to the rescue ~ When Ethan can no longer hold the floor and as expected, breaks down during his tribute to Cal, it’s up to Charlie to step in and pick up from where he leaves off. You can always bank on good old Charlie and he’s been chomping at the bit to do something useful in a hopeless situation.

Lily & Iain… finally! ~ I’m not going to pass much comment, except to say that this pair finally got it together. In the back of a hearse! I won’t forget that for some time to come!!

Click here for the: Cast List

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